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Q: What is an Annual base benefit rate?
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What is the annual rate of an investment 20000 at an annual interest rate of 7 and 12000.00 at an annual interest rate of 7.5 what was his annual income on the two investment?

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Is base salary the same as hourly rate?

No, Base Salary is your yearly income before commissions or bonuses. This Figure is before taxes are deducted Hourly rate is a set wage that you charge or earn for work performed. Hourly rate Formula: Divide annual rate of basic pay by 2,087 hours. $55000 Base salary = $26.36 Hourly rate

What is the effective annual rate for a credit card with a 9.9 percent annual percentage rate that is compounded daily?

The effective annual rate for a credit card that carries a 9.9% annual percentage rate (compounded daily) is 10.4%.

How do you convert annual interest rate to monthly?

Let i = annual rate of interest. Then i' = ((1+i )^(1/12))-1 Where i' = monthly rate of interest

What is the formula for annual premium?

Annual Premium= Annual Base Premium * Driver-Rating Factor To get annual base premium the formula is... Annual base Premium= Liability Premium + Collision Premium + Comprehensive Premium.

What is the formula to calculate monthly interest rate if the annual interest rate is known?

Annual Interest Rate divided by 12= Monthly Interest Rate

Find the annual amount of FICA at a 7.51 percent rate by computing his annual salary?

Find the annual amount of FICA at a 7.51% rate by computing his annual salary

What is the annual interest rate on 5000 compounded continuously at 6.3 annual interest rate?

I suspect that it will be 6.3!

What describes a annual percentage rate?

A measure of the cost of credit expressed as a yearly interest rate.

What does annual growth rate mean?

annual growth rate is the average of how much a country grows per year

What is the maximum annual percentage rate for visa?

The annual percentage rate may vary but it can be increased to an 18% APR.

What type of people benefit from credit with no annual fee but high interest rate?

TD Green Visa Card, TD Gold Select Visa Card, The GM Card