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it is a normal acre or land that can be purchased / owned with an added percentage to allow for paths and alleys and verges that the council own within the acre. If this calculation wasnt done, the acre would be slightly less than an acre in real terms when the council area was deducted.

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Q: What is an acre suburb area measurement?
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How many meters are in a quarter of an acre?

A metre is a measurement of length. An acre is a measurement of area.

What is the walking distance of one acre?

An acre is not a linear measurement it is an area.

1 acre is equal to how many meters?

That can't be done. An acre is a measurement of area. A meter is a measurement of length.

Are area and acre the same?

No, they are not the same. Area can be 3inches by 3inches or 7000miles by 6000miles. An acre is only on measurement.

How many feet is the circumference of 40 acres?

An acre is a measurement of area not a linear measurement.

What is an acre used for?

its a pre metric measurement of land area.

How many acre is in 6000 ft?

A foot is a linear measurement. An acre is a measurement of area. Your question cannot be answered. Ignorance is bliss, eh?

How many feet are in 100 acers?

feet is a linear measurement whereas acre is an area measurement perhaps you mean how many SQUARE FEET are in an acre

How many miles in 101 acres?

A mile is a linear measurement of distance, while an acre is a measurement of area.

How did the acre as a unit of measurement originate?

According to my service manager an acre measurement was determined by how much area an ox and a single plow could plow in one day ...

I want to know how many miles long is in 600 acers for example from burbank to las vegas is about 300 miles long?

This is impossible to answer ! An acre is a measurement of area - a mile is a measurement of length. You cannot define an acre as a measurement of length, because any area covering 4,840 square yards is an acre !

What is the measurement of one acre?

An acre contains 43560 square feet. The actual dimensions of the acre can vary greatly as long as the total area is correct.

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