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i think algebric expression is that which involves algebric terms while an algebric expression is that algebric expression which involve an inequality sign.

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Q: What is an algebraic equation and what is an algebraic expression?
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What is the difference between a algebraic equation and a algebraic expression?

An equation has an equal = sign whereas an expression does not.

How is an algebraic expression different form an algebraic equation?

An algebraic equation contains an equality sign whereas an algebraic expression has no equality sign

What is logically equivalent exprssions?

If an algebraic expression is equivalent to another algebraic expression then it is an equation.

Is 5x an algebraic expression?

yes, 5x is a expression. A expression in algebra does not contain a = sign. a = sign means its an equation. A algebraic equation is built out of expressions.

What is an algebraic statement?

An algebraic statement is an algebraic expression or an algebraic equation written in words.

What is the differences between an algebraic expression and an algebraic equation?

an algebraic expression has no = sign. it could be like x+4, but an equation has to have an = sign. like x+4=5

What is an algebra equation?

An algebraic equation is a mathematical equation in which one or both sides is an algebraic expression.

How do you write an algebraic expression for the sum of a number and -6 is 4?

You cannot write an algebraic expression for that, you need an equation. The equation is n - 6 = 4

What is a form of algebraic expression?

Here is an algebraic equation: x2 + 5x = 37

What is an algerbraic expression?

An algebraic expression is an expression or and equation that contains at least 1 variable

When can you say that a number is called a solution in algebraic expression?

An algebraic equation or inequality can have a solution, an algebraic expression cannot. If substituting a number in place of a variable results in the equation or inequality being a true statement, then that number is a solution of the equation or inequality.

What is the answer to this equation x-3514?

There is none because it's not an equation but an algebraic expression