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it is called a net

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Q: What is an arrangement of attached polygons that can be folded into a three dimensional shape called?
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What are 3 dimensional shapes called?

Polygons !

Three dimensional figures made of polygons are called polyhedrons?


What figure is made of triangles quadrilaterals and other two dimensional figures?

They are called polygons

What The three-dimensional arrangement of electron groups around the central atom is called what?

three dimensional arrangement of atoms electron-group geometry

What is an orderly 3 dimensional arrangement formed by ions called?

What is the Lattice Structure

What is the total three-dimensional array of points that describes the arrangement of the particles of a crystal called?

This is called a Crystal Lattice or a Crystal Structure.

A closed three-dimensional figure formed by four or more polygons that intersect only at their edges?

A closed three-dimensional figure formed by four or more polygons that intersect only at their edges is called a polyhedron. It contains flat faces, straight edges, and sharp corners or vertices.

What is the base of the triangle in polyhedron?

A polyhedron is a 3-dimensional object comprising a space enclosed by a number of polygons. In general, these polygons are called faces: in some polyhedra they are also called bases. They may or may not be triangular. A pentagonal prism, for example, has no triangle face and so no triangular base.

What is a solid figure with faces that are polygons called?

A three dimensional figure with polygonal faces is called a polyhedron. Specific names draw from the Latin prefixes. For example a four sided figure is a tetrahedron.

What is a solid that is bounded by polygons which are called faces?

It's a polyhedron. A polyhedron (plural: polyhedra) is a three - dimensional figure made up of sides called faces, each face being a polygon.

What are different 6 sided shapes called?

all six sided planar polygons are called hexagonsA six faced three dimensional shape is a hexahedron, the most famous being a cube.

A polyhedron is a two-dimensional figure bounded by polygons?

A polyhedron is a three-dimensional figure formed by flat surfaces that are bounded by polygons joining along their sides (the faces of the polyhedron).A circle is not a polygon, but we can say that a circle is the limit of a regular polygon with n sides. It means that if n becomes larger and larger, the polygon shape approaches to a circle. A circle is a two dimensional figure as a polygon is, but a three dimensional figure whose base(s) is/are a circle cannot be called a polyhedron.