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it is called a net

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Q: What is an arrangement of attached polygons that can be folded into a three dimensional shape called?
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What are 3 dimensional shapes called?

Polygons !

Three dimensional figures made of polygons are called polyhedrons?


What figure is made of triangles quadrilaterals and other two dimensional figures?

They are called polygons

What The three-dimensional arrangement of electron groups around the central atom is called what?

three dimensional arrangement of atoms electron-group geometry

What is an orderly 3 dimensional arrangement formed by ions called?

What is the Lattice Structure

A closed three-dimensional figure formed by four or more polygons that intersect only at their edges?

A closed three-dimensional figure formed by four or more polygons that intersect only at their edges is called a polyhedron. It contains flat faces, straight edges, and sharp corners or vertices.

What is the total three-dimensional array of points that describes the arrangement of the particles of a crystal called?

This is called a Crystal Lattice or a Crystal Structure.

What is the base of the triangle in polyhedron?

A polyhedron is a 3-dimensional object comprising a space enclosed by a number of polygons. In general, these polygons are called faces: in some polyhedra they are also called bases. They may or may not be triangular. A pentagonal prism, for example, has no triangle face and so no triangular base.

What are all the irregular polygons called?

Irregular polygons.

What are polygons called if they are the same shape?

parallel polygons.

What is a solid that is bounded by polygons which are called faces?

It's a polyhedron. A polyhedron (plural: polyhedra) is a three - dimensional figure made up of sides called faces, each face being a polygon.

What is a solid figure with faces that are polygons called?

A three dimensional figure with polygonal faces is called a polyhedron. Specific names draw from the Latin prefixes. For example a four sided figure is a tetrahedron.