What is an automorphic number?

Updated: 9/25/2023
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An automorphic number is a number whose decimal representation of its square ends in itself, for example, 5 squared equals 25.

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Q: What is an automorphic number?
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A program c plus plus on automorphic numbers or not?

how to write a program that counts automorphic number from 1 to 999

Write a program to print automorphic numbers between 1 and 100?

import java.math.*; import java.util.*; class AutomorphicNumber{ static int d=10; public static void main(String args[]){ System.out.print("Enter any number :"); Scanner input=new Scanner(; int n=input.nextInt(); if(d>=n){ if ((n*n) % d == n){ System.out.println("Automorphic Number"); } else{ System.out.println("Not Automorphic Number"); } } else if(d<=n){ d=d*10; if ((n*n) %d==n){ System.out.println("Automorphic Number"); } else{ System.out.println("not an automorphic number"); } } } }

How do you write a Program in java to cheak a number is automorphic number?

Source Code :: import*; class automorphic { protected static void main()throws IOException { BufferedReader in=new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(; System.out.print("Enter the number: "); int a=Integer.parseInt(in.readLine()),b=a,c=0,e=a*a; while(b>0) { c++; b/=10; } double d=Math.pow(10,c-1); if(a==e%d) System.out.println("Automorphic number!!"); else System.out.println("Not an Automorphic number!!"); }}

What has the author Joseph Lehner written?

Joseph Lehner has written: 'Discontinuous groups and automorphic functions' -- subject(s): Automorphic functions

What has the author Brooks Keiluweit Roberts written?

Brooks Keiluweit Roberts has written: 'Lifting of automorphic forms on the units of a quaternion algebra to automorphic forms on the symplectic groups' -- subject(s): Automorphic forms, Quaternions, Symplectic groups

What has the author Herve Jacquet written?

Herve . Jacquet has written: 'Automorphic forms on GL(2)' -- subject(s): Lie groups, Automorphic forms

What has the author Daniel Bump written?

Daniel Bump has written: 'Automorphic forms and representations' -- subject(s): Lie groups, Automorphic forms, Representations of groups 'Automorphic forms on GL (3, IR)' -- subject(s): Lie groups, Automorphic forms, Parallel processing (Electronic computers), Numerical analysis, Congresses, Data processing, Algebraic spaces, Homotopy theory

What has the author James Arthur written?

James Arthur has written: 'Simple algebras, base change, and the advanced theory of the trace formula' -- subject(s): Automorphic forms, Representations of groups, Trace formulas 'Unipotent automorphic representations'

Write a C program to find a given number is automorphic or not?

#include<stdio.h> #include<conio.h> void main() { int s,c,p,n,i,t; printf("Enter a number:"); scanf("%d",&n); s=n*n; c=0; p=1; t=n; while(n!=0) { c++; n=n/10; } for(i=1;i<=c;i++) p=p*10; if(s%p==t) printf("The number is automorphic."); else printf("Not automorphic."); getch(); }

How can you write an algorithm for getting autoformic numbers?

Perhaps you mean an automorphic number? Loop through a series of numbers - for example, all numbers from 1 to 10,000 - and check each of the numbers, whether the condition applies. The condition in this case is that if you square the number, the last digits represent the original number.

What has the author Leslie Cohn written?

Leslie Cohn has written: 'Analytic theory of the Harish-Chandra C-function' -- subject(s): C-functions, Difference equations, Harmonic functions, Lie groups 'The dimension of spaces of automorphic forms on a certain two-dimensional complex domain' -- subject(s): Automorphic forms

What has the author Heinrich Fuhr written?

Heinrich Fuhr has written: 'Zur Transformationstheorie der Fuchsschen Funktionen' -- subject(s): Automorphic functions