What is an error in measurement?

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A error in measurement is when the measurement taken is not actually correct. For instance, you measure a gap as 49 centimetres wide. You cut the plank of wood to fit that measurement. Then discover the wood you have just cut is too wide to neatly fit the gap. There has been an error in the measurement you have taken.

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Q: What is an error in measurement?
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Which property of a measurement is best estimated from the percent error?

Measurement error: obviously!

If a measurement is small is the percentage error high?

yes, it is. The smaller the measurement, the higher the percentage error.

What are the two factors affects accurate measurement?

Calibration error and measurement error. Also, if the measurements are of different objects there may be random error.

Percent error formula?

Divide the calculated or estimated error by the magnitude of the measurement. Take the absolute value of the result, that is, if it is negative, convert to positive. This would make the percent error = | error / measurement |.

How do accuracy and precision of measurement affect calculated values and percent error?

The more precise your instruments of measurement are, the less percentage of error you will have.

What determines how close a measurement is to the true or accepted value?

This value is variable and different for each type of measurement. The error can be absolute or relative. A measurement without any error doesn't exist.

What is the size of error for a measurement ranging from 0 to 3?

The absolute error can be as large as 1.5

The purpose and function of standard error of measurement?

the purpose and function of standard error of mean

What is the system of gathering data so that bias and error in measurement are reduced in psychology?

The scientific system of gathering data with bias and error in measurement are reduced in psychology.

What is an accurate measurement?

A measurement that can be repeated by an independent person or team of investigators.A measurement that includes the margin of error and resolution of the measuring equipment.

What is the value of relative error if the absolute error is 10?

The relative error depends on the true value of the measurement. That information has not been provided.

Does the final temperature from the experiment equal to the final temperature from the calculation?

It should but it probably will not because of: experimental error measurement error calibration error (zero error)

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