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A math equation is any mathematical sentence that has an equal sign, numbers, or variables in it ;)

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Q: What is an example of a math equation?
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Example of math equation with answer to it?

Equation: 4x = 32Answer: x = 8

How can mental math be used to solve an equation?

Mental math is basically math in your head so for example 40x2=80 so I did that in my head

What is math equation to represent?

a math equation

What does expression means in math terms?

itsan equation with no equal sign. example xyz*334

What are linear and nonlinear regression?

A linear equation is an equation that in math. It is a line. Liner equations have no X2. An example of a linear equation is x-2 A linear equation also equals y=mx+b. It has a slope and a y-intercept. A non-linear equation is also an equation in math. It can have and x2 and it is not a line. An example is y=x2+3x+4 Non linear equations can be quadratics, absolute value or expodentail equations.

How do you make a math investigatory projects?

There are an infinite number of ways you can make a math investigatory project. You could question why an equation leads to a certain answer for example.

Example some math/equation that can make my life easy?

Addition ,subtraction, multiplicación,division etc.

What is the verb for equality?

A math sentence with an equal sign would be an equation.If there is no equal sign, it would be an expression.

What are some example sentences for the word equation?

Math is full of Equations. The most famous Equation is e=mc2.

How can you put equation in a sentence?

I could not figure out the math equation. The new data did not fit the existing equation. An equation can be a math formula or standard method.

What is coefficent in math?

The number in the front of the equation. Example the 2 nd the 3 are the coefficent.

What is a conditional equation in math?

A conditional equation is one in which it is only true for some of the variables but not for others. An example would be 2x-5=9. This is a conditional equation because the only possible value for x is 7.