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Nth term

With the nth term you substitute the n for the term number (e.g. 50) so the 50th term in 2n+3 would be 2x50+3=103

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Q: What is an example of a nth term?
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What is definition of nth term?

The "nth term" is an adjective that refers to the last item in any series of decreasing or increasing values of infinite scale or amount. An example sentence: "The building had been remodeled to the nth degree, leaving no detail unfinished."

What is the nth term sequence for 3n?

123456789 * * * * * The nth term is 3n

What is the nth term for 7n-4?


What is the nth term of 04163664?

It is not possible to find the nth term from the given information.

whats the nth term rule for 6,9,14,21,30?

whats the nth term for 9,12,17,24,33

What is nth term on 281626?

It is not possible to determine an nth term from a single number.

What cannot be the nth term of an AP?

Any number can be the nth term of a suitable AP.

What is the nth term if the sequence is 32 28 24?

The nth term is (36 - 4n)

What is the nth term for 4 8 12 16?

The nth term is equal to 4n.

Prove that no matter what the real numbers a and b are the sequence with nth term a nb is always an AP?

By "the nth term" of a sequence we mean an expression that will allow us to calculate the term that is in the nth position of the sequence. For example consider the sequence 2, 4, 6, 8, 10,... The pattern is easy to see. # The first term is two. # The second term is two times two. # The third term is two times three. # The fourth term is two times four. # The tenth term is two times ten. # the nineteenth term is two times nineteen. # The nth term is two times n. In this sequence the nth term is 2n.

What is the nth term of -10 -8 -6 -4 -2?

The nth term is (2n - 12).

What is the nth term for 7 11 15 19?

The nth term in this sequence is 4n + 3.