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Q: What is an example of a time when you delivered more than what was expected?
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A sentence for recoil?

The impact caused the gun to recoil sharply in the shooter's hands.

Need sentence for this word minimum?

Example sentence - The minimum wage for the job was more than I expected.

Is there any word worse than?

Worse than is perfectly acceptable; there's no single word to say worse than. Example: Her housekeeping is worse than mine. Her housekeeping is more terrible than mine. This weather is worse than expected. This weather is more miserable than expected. Or someone offered: the dreaded

She visited us more often than we expected Is expected a right form in this sentence?

In the sentence 'She visited us more often than we expected' yes, expected is a right form in this sentence.

What happened when mom went into labor early?

Hopefully she was delivered of a healthy new baby a little earlier than was expected.

What is the possessive form of windows?

The possessive form of the plural noun windows is windows'.Example: The windows' replacement was more costly than expected.

More than is usual or expected?


Do 6 billion grains take up more or less space than you expected?

Less space than I expected.

What means excede excpectations?

To be better, or more, than expected.

A what good is a product that is expected to be used for more than one year?

A good product that is expected to be used for more than one year would be a refrigerator. A vacuum is also on that list.

What is your assessment about a program with a Schedule Performance Index of 1.1?

The contractor is accomplishing the work more efficiently than expected. The SPI is > 1.

Dave delivered 52 newspapers all together on Saturday and Sunday He delivered 8 more newspapers on Sunday than on saturdayHow many newspapers did Dave deliver on Sunday?

Dave delivered (52/2) = 26 newspapers on each day. Since he delivered 8 more newspapers on Sunday than on Saturday, Dave delivered 26+8 = 34 newspapers on Sunday.