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I'm currently doing a project on this, My project is based on the idea that if you had a group of rectangles and one of them was in the Golden ratio then they would prefer the golden ratio over the others.

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Q: What is an experiment for the golden ratio of beauty?
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What is the golden ratio in art?

The golden ratio was a mathematical formula for the beauty. The golden ratio in the Parthenon was most tremendous powerful and perfect proportions. Most notable the ratio of height to width on its precise was the golden ratio.

How you can use Phi in a human body?

The Greek letter Phi is used to represent the Golden ratio. Some scientists believe that the Golden ratio plays a part in the perception of human beauty, so if one is considering cosmetic surgery, one may want to take the Golden ratio into account.

How can the golden ratio be seen in the Last Supper?

It can been seen in the proportions and balance in the dimensions of the table which they all sat to the proportions of the walls and windows in the background. The golden ratio (1.61803) was all about proportion, balance, and beauty.

How do you find beauty of a person using maths?

It has been said that the key to aesthetics is the Golden Ratio, which is approximately 1.6180339887. However, as the famous saying goes "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"

What are the dimensions of the golden ratio?

The golden ratio is a pure number and so has no dimensions.The golden ratio is a pure number and so has no dimensions.The golden ratio is a pure number and so has no dimensions.The golden ratio is a pure number and so has no dimensions.

What are the numbers for the golden ratio?

The numbers for the golden ratio are 1.618

What number is the golden ratio?

The golden ratio, or golden mean, or phi, is about 1.618033989. The golden ratio is the ratio of two quantities such that the ratio of the sum to the larger is the same as the ratio of the larger to the smaller. If the two quantities are a and b, their ratio is golden if a > b and (a+b)/a = a/b. This ratio is known as phi, with a value of about 1.618033989. Exactly, the ratio is (1 + square root(5))/2.

What the significance of golden ratio?

The golden ratio (or Phi) is a ratio that is very commonly found in nature. For instance, some seashells follow a spiraling path at the golden ratio.

How do you know who has the highest golden ratio?

The Golden Ratio is a constant = [1 + sqrt(5)]/2. There is, therefore, no higher or lower Golden Ratio.

Is there a platinum ratio if there is a golden ratio?

No. There is no platinum ratio.

What does the golden ratio means?

In mathematics, two quantities are in the golden ratio if their ratio is the same as the ratio of their sum to the larger of the two quantities.

What is the pattern that occurs in the golden ratio?

The pattern that occurs in the golden ratio is a spiral.