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198 = (200 - 2) so use 6*200 - 6*2

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6 x 200 - 10 - 2

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Q: What is an exspession that can be used mentally to multiply 6 times 198?
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What is a expression that can be used to multiply 6 times 198 mentally?


What strategy is used to multiply mentally?

Most people who multiply mentally are using some form of the distributive property. If you wanted to do something like 47 x 5 in your head, that's (40 x 5) + (7 x 5) = 200 + 35 = 235

How can the associative property of multiplication be used to compute 14 x 2 x 50 mentally?

Do the 2 x 50 first. Get 100. Multiply that by 14.

The number of times used to multiply a base factor together?

The exponent shows how many times the base is used as a factor.

What is the name of the number used to multiply?

Multiplicand times multiplier equals product

What formula is used to find the volume of a box?

the formula to find the volume for anything is to multiply length times width times height.

What formula is used to determine the area of a room?

For a room that is a rectangle, multiply length times width.

What is the definition of 'mentally'?

The term 'mentally' can simply be defined as of or relating to an individuals brain or mind. The word mentally is used in many different phrases just as 'mentally ill'.

What is a number used to multiply a variable?

It is the coefficient of the variable as for example 5n means 5 times n

What is used to indicate multiplying a number by itself an certain number of times?

An exponent is used to indicate that a number is multiplied by itself a specified number of times. For example, to multiply 4 by itself 9 times, you would write 49.

Is the reciprocal used to divide fractions?

In order to divide two fractions, multiply the first times the reciprocal of the second.

Which strategy can be used to multiply 6 198 mentally?

Assuming you meant 6 x 198... Do a mental sum for 6 x 200 (1200) then subtract 6 x 2 (12) to give you 1188.

What two tools are used to measure volume?

two tools that you can use to measure volume are a measuring cup and/or you could multiply the height times the width times the length in a rectangular container

What symbol is used to multiply on spreadsheets?

The asterisk ("*") is used to multiply on spreadsheets.

How do you multiply two and a half times a number?

Two methods can be used here; take your pick. 1) Multiply 2 times the number, multiply 1/2 times the number, add the results. Example: 2 1/2 times 20 = (2 x 20) + (1/2 x 20) = 40 + 10 = 50. 2) Convert the mixed fraction into an improper fraction, than multiply. Example: 2 1/2 x 20 = 5/2 x 20 = 100/2 = 50.

What is a term used as a defense to reduce a defendants responsibility for a crime?

A mitigating circumstance. An example would be the defendant is mentally retarded or mentally ill.

What is the importance of multiplication and division in your daily lives?

As a scientist, math is used to describe the universe as we know it. I multiply and divide thousands of times a day.

What is a method used to estimate a sum when all addends are close to the same value?

ÃŒn that case you can multiply one of the addends, times the number of addends.

A sentence using the word multiply?

I used to multiply things.

What term is used for Numbers that are easy to divide mentally?


Is marijuanna addictive?

Not physically, but slightly mentally. This means that if you smoke every day for a year and stop, you wont really feel much physically. Mentally it depends why you were using it. For example, if you used it as a crutch socially, it might be slightly mentally addictive. In general though marijuana is not addictive, physically or mentally.

Numbers that are easy to compute mentally are called?

Compatible Numbers numbers that are easy to compute mentally are called

A machine is used to multiply?


Is multiplication used to convert miles to kilometers?

Yes. You can multiply miles times 1.6 to get kilometers. (1.609344 will give you a more accurate measure, if you need mm precision.)

Do you say multiply by or multiply with?

Multiply by is the usual form. Multiply 3 by 4 to get 12. If there are several numbers being multiplied then multiply .... together may be used... multiply 3, 4 and 5 together to get 60.

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Which strategy can be used to multiply 6 198 mentally?

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