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Multiply by is the usual form. Multiply 3 by 4 to get 12.

If there are several numbers being multiplied then multiply .... together may be used... multiply 3, 4 and 5 together to get 60.

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Q: Do you say multiply by or multiply with?
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How do you say multiply in portuguese?

You say "multiplicar"

When they say 7.25 an hour do you add the hours or multiply the money?

Both. Add the hours and then multiply by the money

When bacteria enter your body and start to multiply what do you say you have?

i think u say i am infected with a disease

How do you multiply percentage?

Let's say you want to multiply something by 51%. You multiply 51 by 0.01, which gives you 0.51. So you're equation would be: (NUMBER) x 0.51.

How do you find the diameter of a radius?

Multiply the radius 2x to get you answer. Example: Say your radius is 4. You multiply that by 2 (4 x 2 = 8)

How do you say 650 as a percent?

650 = 6,500% (multiply a decimal by 100 to get the percent).

How do you multiply two fractions with different denominator?

Well you don't you just multiply right across lets say the problem was 1/4 * 1/2 it would 1/8.So you multiply across.

Which operation do you use to get 120 to 240?

you can multiply by 2, or add 120, or divide by 1/2. I'd say it's best to multiply, or find the "product."

How do you get the area of a square?

You multiply Length times width. Lets say all sides are 15 inches, you multiply 15 times 15 and get 225 inches squared.

What does it mean to say that multiplication and division are inverse operations?

Start with any number - say x. Pick any other number which is not 0, say y. Then, if you multiply x by y and then divide the result by y you will be back to x. Thus, "multiply by y" followed by "divide by y" is equivalent to do nothing. The first undoes the second. Also, it works in reverse in the sense that you can divide by y first and multiply by y afterwards.

When you multiply any number by 1 the product is that number?

yes it is. say the problem is 18,938,489x1= 18,938,489

What is the value of 6x6x6x6?

1296..... How to do it? First you multiply 6x6= 36 then u multiply 36x6=216 and lastly 216x6=1296 if you find it hard just say and i will mak it simplier