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Q: What is an object with length width and height?
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How can you get the length of an object by using width and height?

If volume can be provided then by using width, and height length can be found

An object that has length height and width?


What is length width height?

length and height is the same thing it is the height from the bottom to the top of the figure and width is the measurement across and object

What is a solid's shape and volume?

A solid is a 3 dimensional object having length, width and height. Its volume measured in cubic units is length*width*height

Show the height width length of a rectangle?

A rectangle is a two dimensional object: height, width and length are three dimensions.

What is a object in geometry with no width length or height?


What is the number representing the linear dimension of an object is referred to as?

Length (breadth, width or height are also used).Length (breadth, width or height are also used).Length (breadth, width or height are also used).Length (breadth, width or height are also used).

What is the total area of a rectangle with a length of 4 ft width of 3ft and height of 6 ft?

A rectangle is a two dimensional object, with length and width but not height. An object with length, width and height could be a cuboid, in which case is it still the area that is required or the volume?

When the height of a box shaped object is multiplied by its width and lenght its volume is found?

That is correct. Volume is height x length x width.

What affects the volume of an object?

The volume is the size of an object, length, width and height.

An object which has length width and height?

A cube!!

an object in geometry with no width,length or height is a(n)?

A Point