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218 is an integer, not a fraction. However, if you must, you could write it as 218/1.

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Q: What is another name for 218 in fractions?
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What is another word for benchmark fractions?

decimal fractions

Define equivalent fractions?

Equivalent fractions are fractions that have the same value as another fraction.

Fractions with same numerator are called?

Fractions with the same numerator are called like fractions

What is a name for fractions with different common denominators?

Dissimilar fractions.

What is fractions that name the same value?

They are called equivalent fractions

How many fractions are between three-fourths and one-half?

Whatever two fractions you name, no matter how close together they are, I can always name another fraction between them. In fact, there are an infinite number of fractions between any two fractions, no matter how close together they are. That goes for three-fourths and one-half.

What is another form of decimals?


Fractions that name the same amount or part are called?

equivalent fractions

Are fractions that name the same amount or part?

Those are equivalent fractions.

What is the name for fractions that are commonly used for comparing measuring and estimating?

benchmark fractions

When did Spain adopt its name?

The name derives from the Roman name Hispania know about 218 BC

When two fractions name the same part of a region or a set they are called?

They are equivalent fractions.

Fractions least to greatest?

It's impossible to list all fractions, because there are no least or greatest fractions. In addition, between any two fractions, there's another fraction (for example, the average of the two functions).

How do you find the product of fractions?

The product of fractions is found by multiplying the fractions. You multiply the numerators and the denominators. For example. 1/2 and 1/3 have a product of 1/6 since 1x1 is 1 and 2x3 is 6 Here is another example. 2/3 x3/4 is 6/12 which is another name for 1/2.

What are the divisibles of 218?

218 is divisible by 1, 2, 109, 218

What is another name for the inverse in fraction operations?

The names of inverse operations depend on the operations, not on whether they are applied to fractions or other kinds of numbers.

What is the other name of fractions?


What is 400-218?

400-218 = 182

What is it called when fractions that name the same amount or same part of a whole number?

equivalent fractions.

What are fractions called that name the same amount on the same part of a whole called?

equivalent fractions

What are two or more fractions that name the same value called?

Those would be "equivalent" fractions.

What are fractions that name the same amount or part?

equivalent fractions

What are the advantages of writing fractions in deciamal form?

Fractions in decimal form are easy to compare and to add and subtract from one another.

Why does integration by partial fractions work?

It is because the partial fractions are simply another way of expressing the same algebraic fraction.

What are all of the factors of 218?

The factors of 218 are: 1, 2, 109, 218

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