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remove or extract

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Q: What is another name for take away?
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What is Another word to take away?

Another word for take away are: subtract, deduct, debit, withdraw, etc.

Another name for a friend Take away two letters from the word chute then add one?

My guess is ... Chum

What is another name for subtract?

take away, minus, less, remove, take, take from, take out, take off, withhold, withdraw, detract, deduct diminish, discount, draw back, decrease

Another word for take away?


What is another name for stealing?

another word is robbing or taking away from

What does expropriated mean?

to take away a persons ownership or to take something away from another person for your own use

What is the name of the song that has the lyrics don't take away my sun take away take away what once i called home?

tamar Eisenman - Sun

Another word for remove?

... take, take away, take off, take out, withdraw. Another example, a slightly better on is: dislimber.

What is another word for erase?

Undo, take away.

What is another name for a parrot that has flown away?

a pollygoon

What is another name for not here?

Away, gone, absent.

Name an equivalent decimal for 0.3?

0.30 is the answer. to name an equivalent decimal, you simply add or take zeros away from the end of the number without changing the original number. Another example would be 1.42000, to name an equivalent decimal, you would take one or more of the zeros away from the end and make it 1.4200 or 1.42.

What is another way to say subtract?

minus, take away

What is it called when you take one number away from another?


What is another word for subtract?

minus, take away, deduct, debit

What is another word for precipitation take away one letter?


What is another name for an efferent neuron?

Another name for efferent neurons are motor neurons. They conduct impulses away from the nervous system.

What does subtract mean?

take away (a number or amount) from another to calculate the difference

What is it called when you take the ball away from another player in American Soccer?


How do you take the oxygen away from a fire?

Flood it with another gas, such as CO2 or nitrogen.

When you date with a boy but another taking him away from you?

no one can take your boy away from you. only if he allows it. which would say a lot

How do you get rid of a really bad toothache?

If you can't get to a dentist right away, take one aspirin with Sprite, or another lemon-lime soda, and seven hours later, take another one, the pain will go away temporarily.

What is the name of the law where they can take a criminal property away from them?


What is the term that means removal?

There are few terms that mean removal. Removal means to take away or be taken away. Synonyms include withdrawn, evict, or take away. Others could be to go, or have left by another's request.

What 9 letter word that continues to be a word as you take a letter out?

Startling. Take away the L and you get starting. Take away the second T and you get staring. Take away the A and you get string. Take away the R and you get sting. Take away the T and you get sing. Take away the G and you get sin. Take away the S and you get in. Take away the N and you get I.

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