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Q: What is another term for z scores?
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When to you use a z scores or t scores?

If the distribution is Gaussian (or Normal) use z-scores. If it is Student's t, then use t-scores.

What are some benefits of using a z-score?

An advantage of using a z-score is that it allows you to compare two scores in the same manner. ?æIt standardizes the scores so that they can be compared to one another.?æ

Are normal scores the same as z-scores?

They should be.

What is one advantage of transforming X values into z-scores?

True or False, One major advantage of transforming X values into z-scores is that the z-scores always form a normal distribution

Is the Z-test the same as Z-scores?

No, the Z-test is not the same as a Z-score. The Z-test is where you take the Z-score and compare it to a critical value to determine if the null hypothesis will be rejected or fail to be rejected.

Are all standard scores z-scores in statistics?

Yes, although the z-scores associated with p-values of 0.01 and 0.05 have special significance, perhaps mostly for historical reasons, all possible z-scores from negative infinity to positive infinity have meaning in statistical theory and practice.

What is the formula for z scores?

Z = (x minus mu) divided by sigma.

In a standard normal distribution about percent of the scores fall above a z score of 300?

A Z score of 300 is an extremely large number as the z scores very rarely fall above 4 or below -4. About 0 percent of the scores fall above a z score of 300.

How do you find normal distribution of z-scores?

z-scores are distributed according to the standard normal distribution. That is, with the parameters: mean 0 and variance 1.

What z-score separates the top 10 percent from the rest of the scores?

z = 1.281551

Do z-scores have a units of measure?

No, they do not. They are pure numbers.

How can you use a z score to determine outliers?

Best to use a histogram i think! z scores can probably be used too however they seem more a method of how to transform outliers in workable scores.