What is attenuation problem?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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Q: What is attenuation problem?
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Does attenuation happen when EM wave travels in space?

There is no attenuation due to absorption, but attenuation will occur due to divergence (spreading out) of the wave.

What is a good value for dB attenuation?

6 dB is a "good" attenuation.

How do you reduce attenuation effects?

We can reduce attenuation effects bt using repeaters

What is breast attenuation as in nuclear stress test?

breast attenuation correction meethods

Where can you find information about attenuation?

Attenuation means the reduction of signal strength during transmission. If one is looking for information about attenuation, it can be found on the Wikipedia website.

Non-desructive attenuation for attenuation measurement in optical fiber?

Because race car.

How does network cable length affect attenuation?

longer cable lengths have greater signal attenuation

What is Low attenuation lesion in the left kidney?

what does low attenuation area mean in left kidney

What is an attenuation in transmission?


An increase in temperature will the attenuation of a cable?

Basically we should also keep in mind knowledge about voltage and current. If we keep voltage constant then by increase in temperature also increase the attenuation, if we keep current constant then attenuation drops by increasing temperature.

What is attenuation network?

Attenuation is a measure of how much loss a signal experiences when it travels down a communication medium( loss as heat, absorbed by communication medium).It is mesured in decibels Attenuation is a term that refers to any reduction in the strength of a signal, when transmitting over a long dinstance. Attenuation occurs with any type of signal, whether digital or analog. It is also called loss of signals, The extent of attenuation is usually expressed in units called decibels (dBs).

Why is attenuation correction used in PET?