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Q: What is average cost per sq ft to buff floors once weekly?
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What is the average cost to buff hardwood floors?

The average cost to buff hardwood floors is approximately $100. If you are going to be doing this a lot, you may want to purchase your own equipment.

What is the average weekly cost for private daycare?

In Missouri- I pay $85.00 weekly for my 2 year old ~ when she was enrolled in a public daycare it cost me $150.00 weekly.

How much does it cost to refinish my hardwood floors.?

I need to someone to refinish my hardwood floors. What is the average price of doing so?

Average weekly wage in 1951?

The average weekly wage in 1951 was 67.50. A gallon of gas at this time cost just .19 cents. A new car was 1,500.00.

What is the average cost of floor installation for wood floors in Saint Augistine, Florida?

The average cost of floor installation for wood floors in Saint Augistine, Florida is about six hundred dollars. It varies greatly depending on how large the house is.

Average cost pre square foot for removal of hard wood floors?


How much does the weekly TV bill cost for the average person?

Mine cost me nothing - I don't watch TV.

What is the average labor cost of installing tile on floors in Michigan?

The average cost in Michigan is $3/$5 persqft. Depending on prep,tear up, and tile design

How much is the cost to hire lawn mowing service for a 5000 sqft lot?

The average lawn is approximately 5000 sq ft. Some people mow bi weekly and others prefer once a week. The average cost is from $30 to $35 dollars per mow usually at a weekly cost.

What is the average cost for a 2 bedroom 2 bath Austin Condominium?

The average cost for a 2 bedroom 2 bath Austin condominium ranges from $150,000 to $400,000. The average cost of an Austin condominium depends on the location, number of floors and amenities.

What is the average cost for bi-weekly lawn maintenance for a 9-acre estate?

The average cost of bi-weekly lawn maintenance for such a large estate would be figured out by the time it takes, whether or not the equipment is rented or owned, and cost of gas for the equipment. The only way to average out a payment is to hire a worker, figure out his hourly wages, along with the cost of equipment and gas, and add a profit for the boss, then place your bid!

What is the average Sq FT cost to strip and wax VCT tile floors?

it is 2012 house cost and food are up! People I charge 2.00 a sqft and get it!