What is b.lis?

Updated: 9/25/2023
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Q: What is b.lis?
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When was Blis Technologies created?

Blis Technologies was created in 2000.

What is the population of Blis-et-Born?

The population of Blis-et-Born is 409.

What is the area of Blis-et-Born?

The area of Blis-et-Born is 20.2 square kilometers.

What is the full form of BLIS course?

Full form of BLIS is Bachelor of Labrary and Information Science.

When annamalai university blis results declare it may be in the last week of August or in the first week of the September?

i want see the result of blis

Is annamalai's blis correspondence course recognized by kerala government?

is annamali blis correspondence course approved by kerala psc and kerala university

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From Where you get Blis-01 solved assignment of ignou?

i need blis01 solved assignment in hindi

How can i get Solved answer of asignment of ignou blis for free?

badalte huye samaj main pustkalayon ki bhumika ki charcha kijiye

Solved question paper for blis ignou?

explian the term management? breifly discuss the functions of library management ? 2.what is meant by POSDCORB? Brefly explain ?

Is vinayaka mission university BLIS course aprooved by westbenghal school service commission?

No, the university is trapping all the students and destroying their future with money and time.

What is the qualification for assistant librarian according to aicte norms?

MLISc with 5 year experience in authorised library as librarian