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What I would do is change the problem up. Instead of b-9b I would make it -(9b-b). It is still the same problem; you will multiply the number inside the parenthesis be -1. So start with 9b-b. That would equal 8b. So it would change from -(9b-b) to -(8b) so you multiply 8b by negative 1 (-1) to get the answer -8b. -8b is your answer. So b - 9b = -8b

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Q: What is b - 9b simplified?
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What is 7b b b simplified?

If you mean: 7b+b+b then it is 9b simplified

-9(a plus b)?

The simplified expression is -9a -9b.

What is 15 minus a plus 9b - 11 plus 3a- b?

When simplified it is: 2a+8b+4

What is b if 9b plus 6 - 8 equals -36?

9b + 6 - 8 = -36 9b = -38 b = 4.2222222(repeating)

What is the answer to this equation 5a plus 3b plus 9b-10a?

It is not an equation but an algebraic expression that can be simplified to: 12b-5a

What is the simplified form of (3b 7)2?

If you mean: (3b+7)^2 then it is 9b^2+42b+49

What is the LCM of 9b 12b?

The LCM of 9b and 12 b is 36b. LCM is Least Common Multiple.

How do you factor 8b2-9b plus 1?

8b^2 -9b +1 8b^2 -8b -b +1 8b(b-1) - 1(b-1) (8b-1)(b-1)

9b plus 40 equals 13b what is the answer to that?

b= 10

What is b plus 9b?


What B plus b plus b is simplified to?

It is: B+2b when simplified assuming B and b have different values

A - 9b - 13b equals a equals 12 b equals -2?




What is 9b-13b equals 40?

9b-13b= -4b -4b = 40 Divide both sides by -4 b = -10

What is 2a plus 5a simplified?

It is: 2a+5a = 7a when simplified

What is b x b simplified?


How do you factor 2b squared plus 9b minus 35?

(2b - 5)(b + 7)

4b plus 9b-2b equals 132?

All the terms in b add to 11, so 11b = 132 making b = 12

What are Ratios that have the same value and simplified ratio?

Two ratios, a/b and c/d have the same value is a*d = b*c. A ratio, a/b, is said to be simplified if a and b are co-prime.

What Is -2b - 6 plus 3b-2 simplified?

It is: b -8 when simplified

One-half the square of b simplified?


Can 128 and 144 be simplified?

If it is a fraction 128/144 can b simplified to 8/9.

What is 44 plus b plus 16?

It is: 60+b simplified

What is the highest common factor for 3b and 9b?

Since 3b is a factor of 9b, it is automatically the GCF.

How do you simplify 3A plus 9B?

3A + 9B = 3(A + 3B)