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Thousands. Nine hundred ninety-nine, thousand nine hundred ninety- nine

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Q: What is before million?
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How many Jews were there before the Holocaust?

There were about 16 million Jews worldwide before the Holocaust; afterwards, about 10 million.

What was the population before and after the Irish Potato famine?

8 million before, about a million died, about a million emigrated.

What was the population of the jews before the holocaust?

about 16 million globally before and about 9-10 million after

Have sharks been around longer before the dinosaurs existed?

sharks evolved 175 million years before the first dinosaur and 100 million before the first reptile

What was the population of France in 1914?

Over 41 million before the First World War, about 39 million after.

What was Europe's population in 1347?

75 million before the black plague and 50 million after

What was the population in the South before the Civil War?

They had nine million people before the civil war started, meanwhile the North had twenty two million people

What was the population before the black death?

The World's population before the Plague numbered around 450 million. The Black Death reduced it to around 350 million.

Were seeds made before dinosaurs existed?

Plants with seeds first evolved 385 million years ago. That was more than 150 million years before dinosaurs evolved 231.4 million years ago.

How many zeroes does 15 million have?

15 million = 15,000,000 (6 zeros before decimal)

What was the year before 2 million BC?

2,000,001 BC(2 million and 1 year BC) - 'Before' means further back in time.

How long have sharks been on Earth?

Sharks have been around for about 409 million years but before they evolved they were around for 890 million years.Sharks have been around for about 409 million years but before they evolved they were around for 890 million years. TRUE!Over 400 million years!Shakrs have been alive for a very long time. They have swam the waters of earth since about 409 million years ago. This period of time was before our first dinosaurs came to be infact.

Did dinosaurs appear before mammals and how long before?

Yes they did. They appeared about 10 million years before the first mammals.

How many Jews were there before the Holocaust took place?

There were about 9.4 million Jews in Europe just before the start of World War 2 and a further 7 million or so elsewhere.

When did megalodon live?

The Megalodan lived between 16 million to 35 million years before the ice age

How much was dimebag darrell worth?

Before death 2.4 million after the shooting approx. 12 million in 2008

What did you do with your first million?

buy everything you didnt have before

What was the Ireland population before the famine?

~8.2 million

What was londons population before 1990?

About 7 million.

How much did daryl katz pay for oilers?

$200 million in February 2008. Katz originally offered $145 million, then $185 million, then $188 million before his offer of $200 million was accepted by the EIG (Edmonton Investors Group).

How do you write 60 million in number form?

Something that is a million starts on the left of 6 digits before the decimal point. For instance, 1 million is 1,000,000.0. Then, 60 million in number form is: 60,000,000

What was the population of Ireland during the famine?

Before the famine there were 8 million people, and during the famine, 1 million people died and 1 million people emigrated.

Did sharks come before dinosaurs?

Yes. About 200 million years before dinosaurs came on to the landscape.

Did mammals appear before dinosaurs?

No. Dinosaurs appeared about 5-10 million years before mammals did..

What was the population of Europe before the Black Death?

About 80 million.