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It depends on how you define "bigger" Both numbers have the same absolute value, namely 125. If you consider positive numbers big and negative numbers as small, then certainly 125 is bigger.

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Q: What is bigger -125 or 125?
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What is bigger .075 or .125?

.125 is bigger because the first number after the decimal is bigger.

How many times does 125 go into 49?

125 can not go in to 49 because 125 is bigger than 49 how ever 49 goes in to 125 49 goes in to 125, 2 times

Is 63 inches bigger than 125 centimeters?

Yes because 125 cm is about 50 inches

What is bigger 10 kg or 125 hg?

125 hg, although I have yet to come across anywhere that uses the measure.

Is john deere 125 bigger than a stx 38?

From everything I see the 125 is a 42" mower with a 20HP engine. The STX-38 mowers were 38" with either a 12.5 or a 13HP engine. So, yes the 125 is bigger than the STX-38.

Which is larger 125 micrometers or 0.2 millimeters?

0.2 mm is bigger

How many times is Africa bigger than the UK?

125 times

Which is bigger between 1 hour and 25 minutes and 125 mins?

It is 125 minutes, which equals 2 hours and 5 minutes

How do you make your Honda nsr 125 go faster?

Buy a bigger machine.........

What is the difference between the different Aprilia RS models?

The model numbers refer to the size of the engine. The RS 50 has a 50 cc engine, the 125 a 125 cc engine. Bigger engines mean bigger bikes.

What is the difference between a Yamaha ttr 125 l and the Yamaha ttr 125 lw?

the L ,LWland LE has bigger tires than a E

What is the answer to converting 125 binary back to a decimal?

That question is defective, and it has no answer.' 125 ' is not a binary number.A binary number never has a digit bigger than ' 1 ' in it.

Is a Honda 125 bigger than a Honda 230 4 stroke?

The Honda 125 is not bigger than a Honda 230 4 Stroke if the only difference is the size of the motor. The Honda 125 is actually a taller motorcycle than the Honda 230 4 Stroke when size is considered in inches from the ground to the seat.

What is faster a ttr 125 or Honda xr 80?

ttr for the egine is twices bigger

What are three power numbers bigger then 120 but less then 130?

121, 125 and 128.

What is a multiple of 3 is bigger than 100?


Will Suzuki RM 125 graphics fit on a Suzuki DRZ 125?

No because the RM125 body is way bigger than a DRZ125. A DRZ125 is about the size of an RM85.

Which is bigger 7 8 inch or 3 4 inch?

7/8 is bigger because 1/8 = .125 and 1/4 = .25 so .875 is bigger than .75.

What is more 1.25 milliliter or 1.6 milliliter?

Does 125 REALLY seem bigger than 160.

What is bigger 125 pounds of cement or 60 kilograms of feathers?

a pound of anything weighs the same, a pound!!

Is 125ml less than 5ml?

No. 125 is bigger than 5 and both quantities have the same units.

What smallest number that rounds to 150?

It could be 125+, rounded to the nearest 50, where the superscripted "+" indicates a number which is a tiny, tine fraction bigger than 125.

Is Scotland bigger than the US?

No. The USA is much larger than Scotland. It is nearly 125 times the size of it.

What is bigger Romania or Mississippi?

The area of Romania is 238 391 km2. The area of Mississippi is 125 443 km2.

How do you tell a 125 ktm . 250 ktm?

A 250ktm is bigger and louder than a 125ktm. It runs different also