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Six tenths is 80% more than one third.

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Q: What is bigger one third or six tenths?
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Which one is bigger six-tenths or four-tenths?

Six-tenths (60%) is bigger than four-tenths (40%).

Which is bigger six and one third or two fifths?

Six and one third is much bigger.

Is one half bigger than six tenths?

No one half is five tenths

Is six tenths greater than four tenths?

Is six bigger than four?? YES! Then six tenths is bigger than four tenths.

Which is bigger six ninths or one third?

Six ninths is bigger.

What is six tenths minus one third?


Which is bigger eight-tenths or six-eights?

Eight tenths

What is 7 and one third minus 3 and nine tenths?

7 and one third minus 3 and 9 tenths is six and 13 over 30 3 and 13/30

Is seventy five hundreds or six tenths bigger?

75 hundreds = 0.75 6 tenths = 0.6 75 hundreds is bigger

How do you write six tenths and one hundredth?

0.6 < six tenths and 0.01 < one hundreth

What is bigger three eighths or six tenths?

You find the common denominator, with is over 80, so multiply 3 by 10, and 6 by 8. This gives you 30/80 and 48/80, so six tenths is bigger. An easier way to look at this is, 4 eigths is half, 5 tenths is half, 3 eigths is lower than 4 eigths, but six tenths is bigger then 5 tenths. Hope this helped. :)

What is bigger six tenths and four fifths?

4/5 is greater.

What is one and thirty six tenths plus five and thirty six tenths?


How do you write 7.6 in word form?

seven and six tenths

Is 0.6 bigger than 6 percent?

Yes. 0.6 is six tenths, 6 percent is six hundredths

Is 536 bigger than 53.6?

536 (five hundred and thirty six) is ten times bigger than 53.6 (fifty three and six tenths).

What is the place of the value 6 in 10.64?

The six is in the tenths' place.The six is in the tenths' place.The six is in the tenths' place.The six is in the tenths' place.

Is 0.72 bigger than 0.6 because 0.72 has seven tenths and 0.6 has only six tenths and the hunderedths does not matter?


What is greater forty-hundredths or six tenths?

Six tenths is greater than forty one-hundredths. You can simplify forty one-hundredths to four tenths.

Which is bigger seventy-five hundreds or six tenth?

seventy-five hundredths = 0.75 and six tenths is 0.60 SO ... seventy five hundredths is bigger.

One and six tenths in standard form?

one and six tenths in standard form

What is he total of one half three fifths and two tenths?

13 tenths, or one and 3 tenths Change one half to five tenths. Change three fifths to six tenths. Add these to two tenths.

What is greater six tenths or six hundredths?

Six tenths is 6/10, or .6. Six hundredths is 6/100, or .06. Six tenths is greater than six hundredths by 0.54.

Which is greater forty five hundredths or six tenths?

Six tenths is greater.Six tenths is greater

Is 0.5 greater than six tenths?

No - 0.5 is equal to 5/10, one tenth smaller than six tenths.