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two fifth

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Q: What is bigger three sixth or two fifth?
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Is three sixth bigger than two fifth?


What is sixth and two fifth as an improper fraction?


What is three sixths minus two sixths?

well three-sixth-two-sixth is one-sixth

What is two fifth divided by five sixth?

It is: 12/25

How do you write two fifth of three fifth?

2/5 = two- fifths3/5 = three-fifths

Is two thirds bigger then one fifth?


Is two pints bigger than a fifth?


Two and one fifth divided by five and one sixth?


Is two sixths bigger than one fifth?

Yes it is.

What is one and one sixth times two fifth in the simplest form?

7/6 x 2/5 = 14/30 = 7/15 is the answer for seven sixths times two fifth 1/6 x 2/5 = 2/30 = 1/15 is the answer for one sixth times two fifth

What is one sixth divided by three?

is two

What is 3 to the fifth power in words?

Three to the fifth power equals two hundred forty-three.

Is three tenths bigger than two ninths?

Three tenths is bigger than two ninths.

What is three sixth plus one sixth?

it's 2/3 (two thirds)

What is five sixth minus one half?

One half = three sixth, so the answer is two sixth.

Which is bigger two sevenths or three sevenths?

Three of anything is generally bigger than two of the same thing.

Is three eighths larger or is two sixth larger?

Three eighths is larger.

What is two and one fifth multiplied by three and three fourths?


One fifth plus two sixth equals?

(1/5) + (2/6) = (8/15)

What is nine and one fifth minus two and three fifth?

The answer is six and three fifths or 6 and 3/5 :D

What is four plus three and two fifth?

seven and two fifths

Is three sixth greater than two fifths?


Is two fifth bigger than 0.08?

Yes, 2/5 = .4 (not .04!)

What is the greatest number five sixth or one ninth or two fifth or one half?

one half is greadest

What is one fifth plus two sixth?

6/30 + 10/30 = 16/30 or 8/15

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