What is circle in Greek?

Updated: 12/23/2022
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Q: What is circle in Greek?
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What is the greek root of circle?

The Greek root of "circle" is "kuklos," which means a circular shape or round object.

What does circle mean in Greek language naturally old Greek?

kyklos (the ancient Greek word for circle) referred to an amphitheater.

What is the Greek meaning of the word kuklos?

The Greek word "kuklos" means circle or wheel.

What is the meaning of the Greek root cycle?


What is the greek name for circle of friends?

nothing hahahahaha

What did the Greek for circle of animals give its name to?

The Greek word "zodiac" was derived from "circle of animals." It refers to the belt of constellations in the sky through which the Sun, Moon, and planets appear to move.

Where did the word circle originate from?

Circle comes from the Latin, circulus which referred to the circus circle {ring}. It is akin to the Greek, Krikos {ring}.

What does ku klux stand for?

Deciding to name their club with the Greek word 'kuklos', the root of English words 'cycle' and 'circle', and 'clan' because it alliterates, The founders of KKK were educated and knew Greek. They decided to name their society after the Greek word 'kuklos', where modern English words 'cycle', 'circle', etc. were derived from.

What does cyclops mean in latin or greek?

Cyclops - Greek for 'round-eyed' or 'wheel-eyed.'

What is the greek word for the distance around the circle?

English is 'around' and in Greek it is peri, as in the word 'perimeter'.

What is the greek root of cycl?

cycle means ring or circle

What is the greek meaning for biosphere?

"Life circle" or "Life Sphere"