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Community property. real estate or other items that are owned by two people, usually husband and wife. Items that cannot be sold by just one of the people involved.

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Q: What is communative property?
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What is the Communative property?

The communative property is The order in which numbers are added or multiplied does not change the sum or product.

What is communative property look like?

No idea what the communative property is. The commutative property for addition is that a + b = b + a. Similarly, for multiplication, a*b = b*a

What property is used for 5(y plus 7)?


What property is this (4x8)x3 (8x4)x3?

It is the commutative property of multiplication.

Definition of communative property of addition?

The communative property of addition is that numbers can be added in any order the answer stays the same.Example: 7+6+4 is the same as 6+4+7

What is comunitative property?

communative property is when you are adding or subtracting any numbers it doesnt matter how u write them.....

What is communative property in math?

9+4=4+9 OR 9x4=4x9

What is the communative property for 5 times 4?

5*4 = 4*5

What is the definition of the communative property of addition usind decimals?

The property is the same, whether you work with integers, decimals, or fractions.

How do you write an equivalent expression using the communative property with 11 plus ab?

Using the communative property of both addition and multiplication, 11+ab could be rewritten as ab+11, 11+ba or ba+11.

Is 8x 10x7 8x10 x7 a communative property of one?

No, communitive means of, or belonging to, a community. It is the commutative property of the multiplication - not of any particular number.

Subtracion of a whole number is communative?

Who knows - there appears to be no such word as communative! So maybe it is communative and maybe it is not.If, however, you meant commutative which, is a mathematical term, then the answer is no, subtraction is not commutative.

How would you compare and contrast the communative and associate property?

i would say thre will be no difference between the two the only thing is that you have to know what to do with the two

What does communative mean in math?

Communitive means of, or belonging to, a community. It has no meaning in math. Communative does not mean anything - in math or elsewhere.

Communative property of multiplication?

I believe you are speaking of the commutative property of multiplication, and it simply states that the order in which two "numbers" (Can be variables) are multiplied does not matter, and that you will achieve the same result. An example would be: 2X3= 6And3X2=6

Explanation of commutative property?

The communative property is that if you switch digits around in an equation that is multiplication or addition, you get the same outcome anyway. Examples: 6x3=18 3x6=18 4+28=32 28+4=32

What were the purpose of scrolls?

scrolls were either communative, or decorative.

What is the communative property of multiplication?

The property states that the order of the addend or factor does not change the sum or product. 2+3=5 3+2=5 6x7=42 7x6=42 5x(7+6)=5x(6+7)

Give examples of the properties of multiplication?

Some examples of the properties of multiplication are the idenity property are EX./ 5*1=5 Then there is the associative property. EX./ 7*(5*6)=5*(6*7) Communative property EX./5*4=4*5 zero property EX./ 5*0=0

What is the name of the law regarding addition or multiplication that states no matter which way you add or multiply the same answer is found which cannot be done in division or subtraction?

I'm pretty sure it is the communative property.

Communative property of addition?

I think you mean "commutative," which involves the condition that a group of quantities connected by operators gives the same result whatever the order of the quantities involved, e.g., a + b = b + a .

What is the definition of the communative property in math?

The commutative property of an operation ~, defined on a set S requires that: for any two elements of S, say x and y, x ~ y = y ~ x Familiar examples are ~ = addition or multiplication and S is a subset of numbers. But note that multiplication is not commutative over matrices.

What are interesting facts about the number 58?

Is the number of communative semigroups of order 4 hi i know u have either mrs. grulich or mrs. hulbert and you go to lcc

How do you use communative property of multipaction?

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What property is 3 x?

It is an expression, not a property!It is an expression, not a property!It is an expression, not a property!It is an expression, not a property!