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Rational numbers are roots, decimals, fractions, and whole numbers. Bascially anything that can become a decimal. Irrational numbers are like pi. I'm pretty sure to be irrational, they have to repeat.

Anyway, ordering them and comparing them means looking at them and seeing which is smallest and largest. Then you order them (smallest to largest or whatever it says).

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Q: What is comparing and ordering rational numbers?
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What is comparing and ordering numbers?

The comparing and ordering of numbers is referred to as factorization. Numbers are factored into certain multiples such that the resolution of the entity into the factors when multiplied together will give the original entity.

What is the definition of comparing and ordering whole numbers and decimals?

place value :)

Ordering Rational Number?

Rational numbers are (basically) fractions. You can compare any two fractions by converting them to fractions with a common denominator, and then comparing their numerators.You can also convert them to their decimal equivalent (just divide numerator by denominator); that also makes them fairly easy to compare.

How do you do comparing and ordering rational numbers?

To order fractions and decimals, you can either write them all in the same form and then compare them, or place them on a number line. Recall that numbers increase in value as you move from left to right along a number line.

How can you interpret thr ordering of rational numbers in real world situations?

In the real world you can use the order of rational numbers. This is used a lot in math.

What do you need to line up decimal points before comparing and ordering numbers with decimals?

You do not, but it is easier.

What is comparing ordering rational number using a number line?

This means:Draw a number line with some numbers labelled on it.Place dots on the number line where the rational numbers to be compared lie.State how the numbers compare in size with one another.There are various ways of doing this; here are two:1/2 is less than 5/41/2 < 5/4

Why do you need to line up the decimal points before comparing and ordering numbers with decimals?

This answer is irrelevant because you did not explain yourself, the correct answer is,"Its important so you can separate whole numbers for parts of whole numbers."

How many rational numbers are there between two consecutive rational numbers?

There are no consecutive rational numbers. Between any two rational numbers there are an infinity of rational numbers.

How are comparing and ordering whole numbers and decimals similar?

They are similar because when you compare decimals you say the larger one has more value so the decimal is larger like in comparing whole numbers the number that has more value is larger. So they are very similar.

How comparing and ordering fractions?

Convert them all to their decimal equivalents (by dividing each numerator by its denominator), then you can easily see which numbers are greater than others.

Are some rational numbers are not real numbers?

No. Rational numbers are numbers that can be written as a fraction. All rational numbers are real.

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