What is conversion of water?

Updated: 6/9/2023
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Perhaps you mean "conservation"?

The water cycle only moves a finite amount of water from the oceans back up over land. Nature needs that water to maintain habitat for wildlife. If humans take it all, there's none left for bears, trees, flowers, birds. If humans use all the water they take for industrial processes and home use, there's none left to irrigate crops so we run out of food.

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Q: What is conversion of water?
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What is the process of conversion of gas into water called?

The process of conversion of gas into water is called condensation.

What type of conversion is taking place when natural gas is burned to heat water?

The type of conversion that is taking place when natural gas is burned to heat water is referred to as chemical conversion. In this conversion thermal energy is produced.

Is conversion of steam to water an exothermic reaction?

No. Converting water to steam is endothermic because the water must absorb heat from its environment.

How does the conversion of water to a gaseous state contrast to the conversion of many compounds?

Large amounts of energy are expended

Where can you buy LP conversion kit for water heater?

You can buy a conversion kit from your local Plumbing supply store.

640 ml is equivalent to how many cups of water?

640 milliliters is equal to 2. 7 cups of water. This is the rounded off conversion and the full conversion is equal to 2. 70512 cups of water.

What cell structure controls the conversion of H2O2 to water?


What is Conversion from water to water called?

Solidification or freezing is when a liquid turns to solid (when cold enough.

Is the conversion of liquid water into gaseous water is a chemical change?

No, the only thing being changed are the physical properties of the water, its still just water after the conversion

Where does solidification happen in the water cycle?

Solidification involves conversion of water to ice. It happens during snowfall in precipitation.

A conversion factor between the mass and volume of water is one liter of water weighs one kilogram?


What are some sentence examples for conversations of matter?

The conversion of matter is common in water. It goes from ice to water and then to vapor.