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More than one statement is correct about a line and a point:

  • A line contains an infinite number of points.
  • A line is the shortest distance, in Euclidean geometry, between two points.
  • In a Euclidean geometry-defined universe, two lines can at most meet at one point (where they intersect; lines may also be askew in which case they do not meet at any point, meaning they do not live on the same plane).
  • A point is a zero-dimensional entity (it possesses no length nor width nor height) which lives on 1D; a line is a one-dimensional entity (it possesses length but no width nor height) which lives on 2D.

As we know, a line is the graph of the solution set of a linear equation. Each solution is a point on the line, and each point on the line is a solution to the equation.

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Q: What is correct about a line and a point A each can be col-linear B A point has no location and a line has many points located on it C each have no dimensions to measure D each on different planes?
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