What is correlation exists?

Updated: 12/18/2022
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Q: What is correlation exists?
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What does it means to have a correlation in a scatter plot?

A correlation exists in a scatter plot if there is a general trend in the outputs as inputs increase. If the outputs generally increase in value, then there is a positive correlation. If the outputs generally decrease in value, then there is a negative correlation.

What must be present in order to say that a correlation exists?

A relationship between variables

What is the Usage of correlation in business?

To findout whether a relationship exists brtween events.

What exists if the y-coordinates decrease as the x-coordinates increase?

A negative correlation

What is illusory correlation?

The perception of a relationship between two variables when only a minor or absolutely no relationship actually exists.

The location on earth's surface directly above the focus of an earthquake is the epicenter a close correlation exists between epicenters and plate boundaries is it true or false?

Yes, it is true that the location of the earth's surface is directly above the focus of an earthquake is the epicenter a close correlation exists between epicenters and the plate boundaries.

Which of these correlation numbers shows the strongest relationship?

A correlation coefficient of 1 or -1 would be the highest possible statistical relationship. However, the calculation of correlation coefficients between non independent values or small sets of data may show high coefficients when no relationship exists.

What can you say about the correlation coefficient and the correlation description of the correlation when the points lie exactly on either vertical line or horizontal line?

The observed relationship indicates that the a one-to-one correspondence exists between the variables of interest. In effect, the value of the obtained r-value is -1 or 1.

What technology exists now because of Star Wars?

There is no technology existing today that has any direct correlation to the Star Wars movies.

Auto correlation and cross correlation?

Auto correlation is the correlation of one signal with itself. Cross correlation is the correlation of one signal with a different signal.

Is a correlation coefficient of -626 very strong?

A correlation coefficient has a range of -1 to 1. Any number outside of this range has been incorrectly calculated. I note that is you meant to ask - Is r= -0.626 is a very strong correlation coefficient? then the answer No, this value is not a strong indicator that a linear relationship exists. Please see related link. The diagrams showing x-y graphs and the correlation coefficients is a good way to gain a "feel" of the coefficients and strength of relationships.

What correlation exists between an element's electronegativity and its ability to behave as an oxidizing agent?

The greater the electronegativity, the stronger an oxidant that element will be. The lower its electronegativity, the stronger a reducing agent it will be.