What is dentate line?

Updated: 12/19/2022
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Q: What is dentate line?
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Where is the dentate line found?

The dentate line is found at the junction between the rectum and the anal canal, approximately 2-3 cm from the anal verge. This anatomical landmark represents the transition from internal hemorrhoidal venous plexus to external hemorrhoidal venous plexus and is important in colorectal surgeries and in understanding the sensory innervation of the anal canal.

What is the Word for toothed like a comb?


What does the dentate gyrus do?

The dentate gyrus receives input from the cortex, and sends output to the hippocampus proper

What connects the dentate nucleus to the thalamus?

The dentate nucleus connects to the thalamus via a pathway known as the dentatothalamic tract. This pathway carries motor-related information from the dentate nucleus to specific regions of the thalamus, which then relays this information to the cerebral cortex to facilitate motor control and coordination.

How many pairs of dentate ligaments are in the human body?


What is the medical term meaning tooth-shaped?

Dentate means tooth-shaped

What can thease letters spell d a n t t e e?


What are multi dentate ligands?

Multi-dentate ligands are molecules that have more than one atom available to bind to a central metal ion. These ligands are able to form multiple coordination bonds with the metal ion, increasing the stability and complexity of the resulting coordination complex. Common examples include ethylenediamine (en) and ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA).

What are the four deep cerebellar nuclei?

dentate nucleus (the largest one)emboliform nucleusglobose nucleusfastigial nucleus

What has the author Andrew Charles Watson Weeks written?

Andrew Charles Watson Weeks has written: 'Sequential changes in synaptic structure following long-term potentiation in the rat dentate gyrus'

Are adult brains capable of neurogenesis?

Yes, neurogenesis has been discribed in the sub granular zone of the dentate gryus of the adult hippocampus. It has also been shown in subventricular zone, neurons here grow through the rostral migratory stream into the olfactory bulb.

Dmg is tri or bidentate ligand?

it is a bi dentate ligand although it is an unsymmetrical ligand but its square planar complex can not show geometrical isomerism becoz of intra molecular H - bonding See also the structure of [Ni(dmg)2] i.e nickel dmg complex