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Q: What is designated by a no-year appropriation after the agency two digit prefix?
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A No year appropriation is designated by what after the agency two digit prefix?


What is a no-year appropriation designated by after the Agency two digit prefix?


What is a no year appropriation designated by after the agency two digit prefix?


What is prosterity?

Prosterity= appropriation of children by fatherhood, Pros= Greek prefix meaning male Posterity= appropriation of children from fatherhood, Pos or poss= Greek prefix female

Words that start with the prefix agere?

agent, agency

Haploid or diploid designated as 2n?

Diploid. The 'di' prefix means two.

Where is prefix 425 with area code 301?

Maryland suburbs of Washington, D.C., specifically the zone designated "Washington 13"

What prefix is used to denote 1000?

In the metric system each factor of 10 increase is denoted with a term. For example, 10 is designated deca, 100 is hecto, and 1000 is kilo.

What is the prefix in insanely?

The prefix is in. The prefix in- means not.

Is misunderstand a prefix or suffix?


What are prefix and suffix for illuminate?

what is the prefix for illminate

Is dentist a gazetted officer?

yes all doctors and dentists who got registered are gazetted . in other countries Like in America Dentists are not designated as Doctors.Meanwhile in India According to Indian Dental Association Dentists can use prefix Dr and they can give attestations

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The prefix is un-. This prefix means not.

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There is no prefix in truck.

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when it isnt at the end of a word

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re is the prefix

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The prefix is in-. This prefix means not.

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there is no prefix. in the word "wind" there is no prefix or suffix. its just a base word.

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Discount itself is not a prefix nor a suffix. There is no suffix in discount, but the prefix is dis-.

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What is the prefix off hypoglycemia

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The prefix for react is re because it alrealdy has a prefix. You cant add a prefix to another prefix

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The prefix of disaree is dis.

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ex- is the prefix of experienced. Usually the first syllable in a word is the prefix.