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There is no standard shape for a tank, so the answer depends on the particular tank.

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Q: What is difference between length breadth and height of a tank?
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What is the number representing the linear dimension of an object is referred to as?

Length (breadth, width or height are also used).Length (breadth, width or height are also used).Length (breadth, width or height are also used).Length (breadth, width or height are also used).

What is the formula of length into breadth into height?

volume is equal to length x breadth x height

How do you calculate the area of a rectangular crystal surface?

It is 2*(Length*Breadth + Breadth*Height + Height*Length).

What is difference between width length and breadth?

Length usually refers to the boundaries of an idea. Breadth refers to the depth of the idea.

Does a 2D shape have lenght breadth and height?

No, only breadth and length

How do you find height when length and breadth are given in rectangle?

A rectangle is a 2-dimensional object. It cannot have length and breadth AND height. If three dimensions are given, then two of them (eg breadth and height) must stand for the same thing.

Does a 2d shape have breadth and height?

It has two dimensions of length: whether you call them length, breadth, height or width depends on the orientation of the shape and your preference.

What is the formula used to find the length of a rectangular prism?

The answer depends on what information you are given: (volume, breadth and height), (surface are, breadth and height), (principle diagonal, breadth and height), (mass, density, breadth and height) or some other set.

What does breadth mean?

Breadth us another word for 'width' - a rectangular block, such as a brick, has length, breadth and height.

How do you do volume of a rectangular prism?

It is Length * Breadth * Height.

What is the height of an acre?

0. An acre is a measure of area: it has a length and a breadth but not a height.

What is the difference between length and breadth?

A rectangular shape has a long side (length) and a breadth (width, short side). A square still has a length and width, though both are the same measurement to form a square.