What is different betowin isometric and orthographic view?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: What is different betowin isometric and orthographic view?
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How is an orthographic drawing similar to or different from an isometric drawing?

orthographics means line is perpendicular to the view plane,while oblique means line is not exactly perpendicular to the view plane.

What is the disadvantage of using isometric drawings?

v Orthographic drawingØOrthographic drawings are orthographic projection drawings. These can be drawn at first angle projection and third angle projections.ØI am going to explain orthographic third angle projection drawing because I use them.ØIf I want to draw orthographic third angles projection drawing I have to follow some rules.ØThese rules are:ØThe view from the front is in the middle.ØThe view from the left is on the left.ØThe view from the right is on the right.ØThe view from the top is on the top.ØThe view from the bottom is on the bottom.ØThe view from the rear/back is on the far right.Example of orthographic third angle projection.Orthographic drawing advantageOrthographic drawing disadvantageEasy to recognized /read and understand by engineers.Hard to recognized by other people then engineers.Doesn't looks like at all to real design/picture.

What is an assembly view?

In Drafting the Assembly view is an isometric or orthographic view of the assembled components of an end product. On the other hand, detailed views show the specifics of each individual part that will be assembled.

What is the difference between Orthographic Drawing and Isometric Drawing?

orthographics means line is perpendicular to the view plane,while oblique means line is not exactly perpendicular to the view plane.

Difference between isometric view and isometric projection?

I think both are same. There is difference between isometric view and isometric drawing that is of size.

What is the purpose of an orthographic drawing?

The purpose of an orthographic drawing is to accurately show the top, front, and side view of an object.

What are the disadvantages of orthographic?

1) Some training is necessary before you can draw or read a drawing. 2) Sometimes it's easier to draw the object in perspective view (pictorial view), especially for clients who have difficulties interpreting orthographic drawings.

What is difference between isometric view and perspective view?

Both are 3D view of an object. With perspective view, the far end of the object looks smaller (think "vanishing eye point"). With isometric view, the near and far end of the object looks the same.

What is isometric projection in AutoCAD?

It is 3D view at an angle and diminishing into the distance.

How do you draw a isometric sofa?

i want 3d view living room

What is the definition of orthographic projection?

ISOMETRIC drawings are drawn at 60-30 degree angles. Orthographic projections are views of a 3D object, showing 3 faces of it. The 3 drawings are aligned so that if the page were folded, it would create part of the shape. Also called multiview projections. The 3 faces of an object consist of its plan view, front view and side view There are 2 types of orthographic projection which are 1st angle projection and 3rd angle projection.

What is isometric exploded views?

Answer Isometric view is a drawing where the axis is rotated so that all three are seen at once. Usually a mechanical drawing will show a true view of two axis as seen from the 3rd axis. The dimensions in the isometric view are not true lenghts since the object is shown in perspective angle. An exploded view is where the individual pieces of the assembly is shown sperate from the other. Isometric exploded views are typical method to show parts for an Illustrated Parts Catalog.