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Differentiation in math terms is the mathematical procedure of taking the derivative of a function. A derivative of a function is a function that gives the slopes of the tangent lines to each point of the curve representative of the function on a graph. In a physics perspective, the derivative of a function for distance is the velocity, and the second derivative of distance or the first derivative of velocity is the acceleration. The word differentiation refers to the action of differentiating or making a distinction between two things.

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Q: What is differentiation?
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How are new erythrocytes made in the bone marrow?

differentiation differentiation differentiation

Why do we have cell differentiation in the body?

to differentiation the cells

Why is cell differentiation important?

why is cell differentiation important

What is the result of differentiation?

The result of differentiation is an organism grows larger

Differentiation of cells and tissues in the embryo is called?

cellular differentiation

What is the principle of differentiation?

Differentiation of funtion is rate of chnage of that funtion.

What is real product differentiation and imaginary product differentiation?

b benefits

What is differentiation of sin x?

differentiation of sin x + cos x.

What is the general process that leads to the differentiation of cells?

The general process that leads to the differentiation of cells is specialization. It is not differentiation, as one would easily think.

What is the difference between Integration and differentiation?

integration is reverse of differentiation and vice versa

Where does differentiation occur?

In people, differentiation occurs during the fetal development in the uterus.

What is diffrentioation?

As differentiation has many meanings, please visit

What is the relation between ordinary differentiation and partial differentiation?

in case of partial differentiation , suppose a z is a function of x and y so in partial differentiation of z w.r.t x all other variables except x are considered to be constant but on the contrary in differentiation process they are not considered as constant unless stated .

How do you use cell differentiation in a sentence?

Cell differentiation is a process where cells become specialized.

Is oceano and sons strategy one of product differentiation or cost leadership?

product differentiation

What is forward differentiation in numerical differentiation?

( u(x+h) - u(x) )/ h

What is the medical term meaning loss of differentiation?

Anaplasia means loss of differentiation of cells.

How did differentiation help to form solid earth?

how did differentiation help form solid earth

What are some applications of differentiation in real life?

Yes if it was not practical it was not there. You can see the real life use on this link

What is the difference between differential and differentiation?

A differential is the result gained when mathematical differentiation is applied to a function. Differentiation in maths is the function which finds the gradient of a function in terms of x. Differentiation in biology is the specialisation of unspecialised cells such as stem cells into active cells.

How do you use the word differentiation in a sentence?

Separating the shapes was a simple exercise in differentiation for the young girl.

What part of speech is the word differentiation?

"differentiation" is a noun. (Most words ending in "ion" are nouns. )

How are stem cells necessary for cell differentiation?

explain how stem sells are necessary for cell differentiation

In what other planets did differentiation occur?

Differentiation occurred in other inner planets, besides Earth.

What is the Relationship between chain rule and implicit differentiation?

Chain rule is a differentiation technique which can be used in either implicit or explicit differentiation, depending upon the problem. On the other hand, implicit differentiation is a differentiation technique, which is used when all x's and y's are on the same side. Example: x squared + y squared = 4xy, in this case, you use implicit differentiation to actually differentiate the equation, and you use the chain rule to differentiate 4xy.

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