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Q: What is digital differential analyzer?
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What is simple dda?

DDA stands for Digital Differential Analyzer. With that in mind, simple DDA just means that it is simplified.

What was the non-electronic differential analyzer?

The non-electronic differential analyzer was a mechanical analog computer used for solving differential equations. It used a system of gears, shafts, and mechanical integrators to approximate the solutions to mathematical problems. Developed in the early to mid-20th century, it was an early form of computation before electronic computers became widespread.

What has the author Vikram K Patel written?

Vikram K. Patel has written: 'The design of dynamic microprocessor digital differential analyzer' -- subject(s): Electronic differential analyzers

Digital fourier analyzer?

digital fourier analyzer analyses the signals in the form of fast fourier transform.

Is digital alcohol detector , any way different than breath analyzer?

No, the uses of and for a digital alcohol detector are the same for that of a breath analyzer.

What computer was made in 1930?

The MIT differential analyzer, an analog computer.

What are the 5 different kinds of computer?

What do you mean by kinds?Kind of usage:BusinessScientificGeneral purposeSupercomputerServerKind of size:MainframeMinicomputerMicrocomputerEmbeddedHandheldKind of technology:ElectromechanicalVacuum tubeTransistorMagneticIntegrated CircuitKind of processing:AnalogDigitalHybrid (mixed Analog/Digital)Digital Differential Analyzer ("analog" style computer built in digital)Hybrid (mixed Analog/DDA/Digital)Kind of architecture:Basic Fetch-ExecutePipelinedMicroprogrammedCISC/RISCSuperscaler

What is Advantage of logic analyzer with built in digital pattern generator over simulator?

logic analyzer advantages

What is analytical differencial computers?

Perhaps you meant:Differential Analyzer, a type of analog computer designed to solve differential equations.Digital Differential Analyzer, a type of digital computer designed to solve differential equations.Both are special purpose computers, often not programmable and when programmable typically difficult to reprogram as they are normally programmed by rewiring not loading code. However as they are highly parallel machines they can generally solve a system of differential equations many times faster than a general purpose digital computer of similar technology.Rarely if ever seen today though. Mostly because general purpose machines are easier to program and can do the same thing, even if a bit slower.

What qualifications do I need to be a logic analyzer?

A logic analyzer is an electronic instrument, not really an actual person. They display signals in a digital circuit.

Which car equalizer has digital features?

The Pioneer DEQ-7600 is a Digital signal processor with EQ and spectrum analyzer

What did Vannevar invent?

Vanevar Bush designed an electromechanical analog computer called the Differential Analyzer. Bush's machine cost about $500,000 to build. Much of the ENIAC architecture and programming system was derived from the Differential Analyzer, except ENIAC was all electronic and all digital. In Eckert and Mauchley's ENIAC proposal to the Army they estimated the cost to build at about $50,000. The Army took the proposal to Bush for evaluation, as he had the most experience with computing machines on this scale (even though his was analog and ENIAC was digital). Bush estimated cost to build at about $500,000... he was right! Vanevar Bush also had a lot to do with advising on ICBM development and the Space Program later.