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(4/5) times 2 = 8/5; eight-fifths; or 1.6

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Q: What is double four-fifths?
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What is fourfifths as a percent?


Which is bigger fourfifths or three fourths?

4/5 is bigger then 3/4

What word has double c double s and double l?

Word that has double c double s and double l: successfully.

How many calories does a double double have?

An In-N-Out Double Double has 670 calories.

Two phrase words that have double for the first word?

double troubledouble timedouble pleasuredouble or nothingdouble blinddouble binddouble jeopardydouble overtimedouble couponsdouble the fundouble your moneydouble dribbledouble jumpdouble daredouble sessionsdouble pointsdouble deckerdouble clickdouble teamdouble visiondouble agentdouble boilerdouble shot (as in double shot of expresso)double strollerdouble beddouble coveragedouble digitdouble checkdouble jointeddouble parkDouble Stuff (Oreo Cookies)double spaceddouble bluffdouble billdouble barreleddouble fisteddouble visiondouble whammydouble play (baseball term)double thinkdouble playdouble dipdouble-sideddouble spaceddouble teamdouble pierceddouble takedouble talkdouble negativedouble occupancydouble bonusdouble bogey (a golf term)double updouble backdouble breasted (as in a coat or blazer w/ 2 rows of buttons)double dose

What 2 common words both contain double L double C and double S?

Successfully contains double L double C and double S. Unsuccessfully also contains double L double C and double S.

What is a double triple double?

Ehat is a double triple

What is a double double coffee?

A double double is a term commonly used in Canada when buying coffee a Tim Hortons. A double double is two teaspoons of sugar and two cream.

Is a double Bassoon single reed or double?

Double reed.

What does the term double double mean?

The term double double is a basketball reference. Double double is term that is for individual stats when the accumulation of a two digit number is in one of five statistical categories.

What are the Words to Doublemint Gum jingle?

Double your pleasureDouble your funWith Double mint Double good Double Mint Gum

Where does the expression on the double come from?

On the double comes from the term "double time". When marching if you double time you are running. So on the double basically means hurry up.

How do you spell www?

double u double u double u

Why kelvin double bridge is called double bridge?

kelvin double

What is a double batch?

Double the amounts in the recipe. Make a double batch.

What is a double double in the nba?

A double-double is when you get two stats that have numbers in double digits. For instance, 15 points and 11 assists, or 10 blocks and 14 rebounds.

What is correct double-page spread or double-spread page?

Double-page spread. It's spread, that is double-paged.

Double-double in basketball?

When a player hits double digits in two out of five categories during a game, this is called a double-double. If he hits double digits in three out of five categories is it called a triple-double. The categories are points, assists, rebounds, blocked shots, and steals.

Double the pleasure double the fun?

Slogan and jingle for Doublemint gum made by Wrigley"s. actually the jingle went Double Your Pleasure, Double your fun, with double good double mint double mint gum! some cartoon ads had attractive female twins.

How many double doubles does wilt chamberlain have?

wilt chamberlain had, 276 games with double double in a game. Kevin Garnett had, 37 games with double double.

What is a double brandy and port called?

A double port (100ml) and double brandy (50ml) is known as a 'double double'. It is a fine drink suitable for gentleman at all times of the year.

What is double bed double room in hotel?

Double beds usually means that there are two double size beds in the room. If they are double queen beds they usually note that they are queen beds as it draws more travelers then double beds

What is a double stem stitch in embroidery and how do you do it?

A double stem stitch is stitching but doing it with double stitches you stich normally with double wool

How do you half and double fractions?

To halve a fraction, double the denominator (the bottom number). To double a fraction, double the numerator (the top number).

What is a double double in basketball?

Double-double is a basketball term, defined as an individual performance in a game in which a player accumulates a double digit number total in any two of these categories: points, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocked shots. Example: Bob had 23 points and 11 rebounds. He had a double-double. Example: Bob had 9 points, 12 assists, and 14 rebounds. He had a double-double.