What is drei minus zwei?

Updated: 12/23/2022
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Drei minus zwei ist eins.

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Q: What is drei minus zwei?
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What is eins plus zwei?

"Eins" plus "zwei" is "drei". ("Eins", "zwei" and "drei" are German for "one", "two" and "three", respectively.)one, two, three

What does ein-zwei-dre mean?

eins-zwei-drei translates as one-two-three.

What does ein zwei die mean?

"Eins, zwei, drei" is German for "one, two, three."

How does 2.375 translate into words?

"Zwei Komma Drei Sieben Fünf"

What is the numbers 0 - 5in German words?

Null, Eins, Zwei, Drei, Vier, Fünf

What is the German words for one two and three?

1 = eins 2 = zwei 3 = drei

What is 1 2 3 in German?

The German word for 12 is zwölf. It is pronounced tsvolf (as in wolf).*****Almost., The o is umlauted, so it is not prnounced like the o in Wolf. The actual sound does not exist in English, but if you say something like 'ur' or 'er' you will be close

How do you count to10 in German?

eins zwei drei vier fünf sechs sieben acht neun zehn

How do you spell the numbers one two three four five in German?

Eins, zwei, drei, vier, fünf.

If a German child counted to 5 what numbers would they say in German?

Eins, zwei, drei, vier, fünf.

What actors and actresses appeared in Zwei oder drei Ehen - 1964?

The cast of Zwei oder drei Ehen - 1964 includes: Joachim Ansorge as Das junge Paar Martin Berliner as Mr. Glooteneye Eckart Dux as Pat Monika Peitsch as Liz Ursula Wolff as Das junge Paar

What means Eins zwei drei vier fünf sechs sieben acht neun?

Those are the numbers in german,from 1 to 10 goes as follows:one - eins; two - zwei; three - drei; four - vier; five - fünf; six - sechs; seven - sieben;eight - acht; nine - neun; ten - zehn