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8 7/12 - 7 3/4 = 5/6

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Q: What is eight seven twelves minus seven and three fourths?
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What is three fourths minus seven twelves?

9/12 - 7/12 = 2/12 or 1/6

What is two thirds minus seven twelves?

one twelves

What is seven twelves minus one third equal?

a quarter :)

What is seven-eights minus three-fourths?


What does seven twelves minus one third equal?

7/12 minus 1/3 is 1/4.

Three fourths minus five sixteenths?

seven sixteenths

Seven minus four and three fourths?

The answer is 21/4

What is three fourths minus one sixth?

seven twelfths

What is seven eighths minus 3 fourths?


What is 9 and 5 twelves minus 8 and 7 tenths?

Nine and five twelves minus 8 and seven tenths = 9 + 5*12 - (8 + 7/10) = 60 3/10.

What is three fourths minus seven tenths?

3/4 minus 7/10 is 1/20.

What is seven minus three fourths?

It is 7 minus 3/4 = 6 and 1/4 or 6.25

What is three and three fourths minus one and seven eighths?


What is seven eights minus one sixth?

The answer is seventeen twenty fourths.

What is twenty eight fourths times two wholes?

Twenty-eight fourths is seven wholes (28 divided by 4 is 7). Seven times two is 14.

What is eight and two tenths minus eight and seven tenths?

It is minus one half.

What is seven twelves as a percentage?

Seven twelves as a percentage is 58.33%.

What is three twelves plus four twelves?

seven twelves

What is 8 and one fourth minus 2 and three fourths?

8 1/4 - 2 3/4 Convert to improper fractions 33/4 - 11/4 Subtract the numerators(top) 22/4 Convert to a mixed fraction 5 2/4 = 5 1/2 The Answer!!!!

What is ten and a half minus two and three foruths?

It is seven and three fourths.

What is negative seven minus negative four minus eight?


Six and seven eighths minus one sixth?

Six and fifteen twenty-fourths

What is one and five eighths minus seven eights?

Six eighths, or three fourths.

What is seven and one-fourths minus six and five-sixths?

i think 42 hundredths

What is eight minus two thirds?

Eight minus two thirds would be seven and one third.