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11/9 is equal to 1 2/9 (one and two-ninths).

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Q: What is eleven ninths equal to?
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What is eleven ninths as a decimal?

1.2222 repeating

How many ninths are equal to one third?

three ninths are equal to one third

What is five ninths plus five ninths equal to?

1 and 1 ninths

What is eleven and two ninths minus four and five ninths?

Firstly, do 11 minus 4 = 7. So, now we have 7 and two ninths, minus five ninths. Much easier, 6 and 6 ninths.

Can eleven ninety ninths be simplified?

yes one-ninth

What is eleven forty ninths as a decimal?

11/49 = .22448979591

What does two thirds minus four ninths equal to?

two ninths

What is seven ninths take away one sixth?

eleven eighteenths

What fraction is greater five ninths or eleven fifteenths?


What is eleven minus one and two ninths?

9 and 7/9

What is eleven-sixths subtract two-ninths?

11/6 minus 2/9 is 1 11/18

What does five ninths plus two thirds equal?

One and two ninths

What is seven ninths divided by three ninths equal?

2 and 1/3

What is five ninths as a decimal?

Expressed as a decimal, five ninths is equal to 0.5 recurring (that is, 0.55555...).0.55

How do you turn one hundred ninths into a mixed number?

Since eleven times nine is 99, it follows that a hundred ninths is 11 and a ninth.

What is the answer to eleven and one third and six and seven ninths?

the answer is 18 and one third

Is eleven fifteenths or seven ninths bigger?

7/9 > 11/15

Does two thirds equal to seven ninths?

No. Two-Thirds equals Six-Ninths

What does four ninths plus two ninths equal?

6/9 or 2/3

What is ten and one-third plus seven-ninths equal?

10 1/3 + 7/9 = 11 1/9 or eleven and one ninth.

Six ninths are equal to?

Two thirds.

What does 1 3rd equal?

3 ninths

What is three ninths equal to?


Is eight ninths equal to one half?


Is one fourth equal to three ninths?

No it is not.