What is end-stopped line?

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A line of poetry in which the meter and the meaning conclude with the end of the line.

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Q: What is end-stopped line?
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Examples of end-stopped poems?

I can't really give you an example but endstopped means having ounctuation at the end of a line so basically most of the poems have endstopped in them as they have commas, fulls tops etc.

Is The planet is Venus a full sentence?

yes and no. If you were stating it in speech, for example : "The planet is Venus." You could get away with it. However if yu were writing it in an essay, it would be considered a fragment (it doesnt flow), and you would need to add to it or change the words. If you were writing using endstopped lines, like: 'She looks up at the sky. The planet is Venus' that woud be alright. It really depends on where you use it.

What is the effect of end-stopped lines in poetry?

The effect of end-stopped lines varies depending upon the poem and the intentions of the poet.Generally, end-stopped lines slow down the pace of the poem by adding pauses, therefore making it seem more thoughtful and dwelling.Basically, they are the opposite of enjambement. If Enjambement creates a more carefree and 'chatty' effect, then end-stopped lines create the opposite of this - more constructed etc.One point to note is that it also depends on the type of punctuation used. Plenty of commas does give a conversational tone, whereas more full stops can give a more clipped and bleak feel.In an exam, you can often make up a suitable reason. For example, if the poem is about lonliness, the endstopped lines may emphasize this, giving a bleak feel and reflecting the dwelling thoughts of the speaker. However, if the poem is about someone who is happy i.e. the opposite, you can write that the poet uses endstopped lines to give a calm tone, and the poet is emphasising the fact that she does not want time to pass etc. Ok bad examples but try it.

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