What is equivalent length?

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it means the same amount of lenght

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Q: What is equivalent length?
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What is length of time equivalent to 92 hours?

the length of time that is equivalent to 92 hours is 5,500 min

What is the equivalent expression for distance?


What is 3m in length?

3 metres in length is equivalent to a length of 300 centimetres

What is the premitive unit of length equivalent to a span of the forearm?

Cubit is the Primitive unit of length equivalent to a span of the forearm.

What is the focal length equivalent of a18X zoom?

The 35mm equivalent is 504mm.

How much is a centigram in yards?

A centigram is a measure of weight, NOT length. It has no equivalent in length.

What is equivalent to 24?

Assuming that equiveient is meant to be equivalent, the answer is that there is no such number. 24 ft is a measure of length and no number, by itself, has a length. So equivalence is not possible.

Is 400 centimeters an equivalent length to 250 centimeters?


What is centimemeter?

It is a measurement of length that is equivalent to 0.01 meters.

What is 14 cm?

It is a length, equivalent to 0.14 metres.

What is the given ration of two equivalent measurements?

There is no real reason for two equivalent measurements to be rationed! The ratio of two equivalent measurements will depend on the units used. The ratio between a length in feet and the equivalent length in inches, for example, is 12:1.

Is one rotation of earth equivalent to the length of a year?

A complete rotation of earth is equivalent to a whole day (24 hours). Earth's revolution is what's equivalent to the length of a year (365 1/4 days).

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