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Q: What is equivalent to three over five?
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Related questions

What decimal is equivalent to three over five?


Is one over three equivalent to five over fifthteen?

Yes, one-thirds equals five fifteenths.

Which equivalent fraction would you have to use in order to add three over five to twenty one over twenty five?


What is five three over?

Do you mean five over three? If so that's 1.667.

Is three point five the same as three over five?


Which fraction is bigger five over twelve or three over eight?

five over twelve is bigger than three over eight

What is equivalent to 25.3?

Twenty-five and three-tenths is the equivalent of 25.3.

What three equivalent fractions are equal to negative five over nine?

-5/9, -10/18, -15/27

Is five over 6 equivalent to 11 over 360?


What is equivalent to two over five?

a equivalent fraction is 10/25

What is equivalent to 1 over five?


What is one over three plus three and one over three plus five?

5 over 55

What is 0.6 as a fraction in simplest?

The answer is three over five. It's original form is six over ten. (divide by two and you get three over five.)

What is the answer to three over five plus one over three?


What is the equivalent fraction of two over ten?

one over five

What is three over twenty five minus two over forty five?


Are three over five and ten over fifteen equal?

No. Three over five is 60% while ten over fifteen is 66.66%

What three equivalent fractions are equal to one over six?

Two over twelve, three over eighteen, and four over twenty-four are all equivalent to one over six.

What is three over four plus five over six?

1 7/12 (one and seven-twelfths)

What is four over five equivalent to?


Can you reduce three over five?


What is the answer to the question three over five y plus one over nine?

There is no meaningful question in "three over five y plus one over nine". There cannot, therefore, be an answer.

Is seventeen over twelve equivalent to one and five over twelve?


What are five equivalent fractions of 7 over 8?

Multiply the top and the bottom of the fraction by the same number and you will get an equivalent fraction. For example 7*2 over 8*2 is 14 over 16 which is equivalent to 7 over 8. Do the same with 3,4,5 and 6 in place of the 2 and you will get five equivalent fractions!

Is 3 equivalent to three tenths?

No, 3 is not equivalent to three tenths, 3 is equivalent to three over one. To put a whole number as a fraction, simply put it over one. So 30=three tenths. because 30 goes over 100 cancel one zero from each number, you get 3 over 10. :)

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