What is example of equal?

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Sentences using the noun equality - (being) the same in, for example, quantity, status, value or measure - include:

'My clients tried to demonstrate equality in their workplace by providing both management and office staff with new computers; it cost them a lot and simply made everyone cynical.'

'All the staff can see there is no real equality in that corporation and cannot be: someone must run the place.'

'To achieve a desirable perception of equality it would cost less and make more sense to offer all staff similar privileges, and constraints, where possible.'

'An equality of surface is essential when maintaining a tennis court.'

We frequently view the word 'equality' in terms of people, and especially in terms of the rights of people: human rights.

In one of the most famous examples of this, the US Constitution, the concept of the equality of man means that all men are deemed equal and thus automatically have the common right to equality in all aspects of their lives.

However, there are other definitions of equality when it comes to human society. For instance, an ambassador from one country is considered equal in rank to an ambassador from Another Country; people holding an official position are considered to possess equality of rank with their counterparts in another city, another state or Another Country.

These people will take precedence in order of rank at, say, an official reception when being introduced to the guest of honor. Outside of official duties their office or title might also accord them privileges not available to those of lesser (unequal) rank.

However, where human rights are concerned, these rights are considered by many nations to transcend any question of rank, so that the poorest newborn in a country would be said to be automatically entitled to the same rights as the child born at the same moment to the ruler of that country. In theory.

In practice, who among us can swear with utter honesty that we'd offer equally generous treatment to our head of state and to a beggar on the street?

Perhaps a good example of equality might be our likely equality of response to that question.

It has been said that many people want equality on the condition that it's equality with those they consider superior to themselves. The worker wants equality with their boss, who wants equality with the corporation owner, and so on.

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Q: What is example of equal?
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