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The Existential Quantifier, usually written as a back-to-front capital E indicates the existence of a thing of a certain sort satisfying certain conditions. The Universal Quantifier, usually written as an upside-down capital A, indicates that every thing of a certain sort satisfies those conditions.

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Q: What is existantial quantifier and universal quantifier?
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What category does the word this fall in?

It's a determiner, sometimes a quantifier.

What is a specific quantifier?

A cardinal number, such as ten, or an ordinal number, such as first.

Is 'very' a quantifier adjective?

No, it's an adverb or an intensifier, if you mean it in the sense of 'that tree is very tall'. A quantifier adjective describes how much or many of a noun there is. For example, 'all' or 'many' or 'some'. :-)

What are the examples of propositional and predicate logic?

all, none, some, or not all of something is what your going to deal with mostly. the hardest thing for me is translation into PD (predicate logic). upside down capital A "∀" means for everything in the universe of discourse you are tramslating. example : all Greeks are human (∀x) (Gx > Hx) "for all x, if x is greek, then x is human" this basically means the universe of discourse is Greeks (for all G basically). now this ∀ symbol is called a quantifier. it is a universal quantifier... hence for "ALL" x now there is another quantifier. an existential quantifier. this is different from universal because it is not for every x, it is for AT LEAST ONE (which means there is an x) or not all x. this symbol is a backwards E "∃" example: there is a greek that is human (∃x) (Gx & Hx) "there exists an x, (such that, or and) x is greek and x is human" notice that the universal is a "if, then" or (>) statement and the existential is a "&" statement. for the most part this is how they work but there are some instances were both can be implemented... example: all greek athelete's are human (∀x) (Gx & Ax) > Hx "for all x, if x is a greek and an athelete, then x is a human" this is mostly predicate stuff but hopefully a good start to the harder stuff young blood.

What quantifier do you use in the word air?

How do you use the WORD AIR? you just say it

What should I do to learn Chinese quantifier words?

since there isn't much use for quantifiers in English, it maybe a little difficult for you to learn Chinese quantifier words, it takes a rather long time for you to practise and to memorise some rules.

Is fifty stars an adverb?

No. The word fifty is acting as an adjective (or quantifier) and stars is a plural noun.

What comes after zillions?

Zillions is fictitious number (non-numerical vague quantifier). See related link..

What is the symbol for inductive reactance?

Inductive reactance does NOT have it own sign or symbol. Rather, it uses Ohms as a quantifier. But Capacitive reactance ALSO uses Ohms as a quantifier. Fortunately, 1 Ohm of Inductive reactance is cancelled by 1 Ohm of Capacitive reactance at the same frequency of measurement.

What is the basic Elements of artificial intelligence in detail?

basis elements of AI are predicates , functions, variable , constants , quantifier and logical connectivity

What is the comparative and superlative of universal?

more and most universalmore universal, most universalmore universal, most universal

Music is a universal but it is not a universal language?

music is universal but not a universal language

What is correct - a universal or an universal?

a universal

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What is the comparative and superlative universal?

more universal, most universal

Who are universal donor and universal recipient?

Universal donor is O negative. Universal recipient is AB positive.

Why it is called universal indicator?

why universal indicator is called universal indicator?

What is universal power supply?

Universal power suppply is power supply that is universal.

What type of blood is universal?

O- is the universal donor, AB+ is the universal receiver

What is universal port?

USB(Universal Serial Bus)is know as universal port.

What are comparative and superlative forms of the word universal?

more universal, most universal

What blood type is a universal reciever?

AB+ is the universal receiver. O - is the universal donor.

is A positive blood a universal donor type?

No A+ is not the universal donor. O- is the universal donor.

Is two an adjective or an adverb?

The number two, used with a noun, can be considered an adjective. Another classification is as a "quantifier" not an actual adjective (since it doesn't actually modify a plural noun).

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