What is expiremental group?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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Experimental Groups are used to compare the effects of an intervention (treatment) in one population to the effects in another. For example, one might be interested in the question of whether there are differences between the memories of people diagnosed as dyslexic and "non-dyslexic" people.

Also, if subjects are randomly assigned to groups, as in "true experiments," then effects observed in the groups will be statistically independent among groups, thereby making it easier to interpret the specific effects of different treatments and controls.

In an experimental design like this hypothetical animation study, the experimental groups are referred to as "treatment groups" and "control groups." In this study, the treatment group is presented a computer animated video depiction of the alleged crime in a jury trial. The control group does not see the video animation.

In an important sense, "no treatment" is also an event because something is always going on between measurements. To demarcate the time period involved, we will insert a "Null Event" in the Control Group at the location corresponding to the location of the treatment in the Treatment Group.

by: Rosnelric C. Austria


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Q: What is expiremental group?
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