What is false identity?

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False identity is a dangerous security problem. I have power in the magic like light of healing and wonder. If the most important hair colour is gold, then the ring of geometric light near or above my head shows my importance (holyness in heaven).

The World is Aavalån, Paladin and Muaarn in Western Europe. The world must be the pride of God (Elysaar) or if not there is no mercy for the rest of the planet. I know therefore that the germanic military intelligence will know my importance in Granli Vestfold Sentral Sykehus, Vestfold, Norway! The world name (defining who I am daily about): Rutger Blauwein Lilje. The planets common name (defining what people are or have been): Prest Heydrich It Sorcerer Arteret Bæist Alvar Daagmaar Låårel Aader Jaader Theodur Milits. I have 23 heavenly servants (angels, demons and ghosts). I have 5 ravens who appear nearby calling me their father (the flapping of the wings is felt at times when the birds appear nearby.

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Q: What is false identity?
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