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(15/2 minus 5/8) becomes (60/8 minus 5/8) by finding the common denominator of the two fractions. By using the laws of subtracting fractions, 60 minus 5 equals 55, and the denominator remains the same, 8. So, the answer is 55/8, or 6.875.

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Q: What is fifteen over two minus five over eight?
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What is seven over fifteen minus two over five?


What is seven over eight minus five over eight?

2/8 or 1/4

What is two over eight minus five over eight in simplest form?


What is 37 minus the fraction five over eight?

37 minus 5/8 = 363/8

What is Forty- eight minus five over six?

48 minus 5/6 is 47 1/6

What is one minus twenty-five over twenty-eight?

1 minus 25/28 is 3/28

What is the improper fraction for five and eight over fifteen?

5 8/15 = 83/15

Eight minus w over ten equals three over five?

yazen is so cool

Are three over five and ten over fifteen equal?

No. Three over five is 60% while ten over fifteen is 66.66%

What is the answer to five over six minus one over eight?

Actually five over six minus one over eight can be placed as five divided by six minus one divided by 8, which looks like this: 5/6-1/8 5 divide 6-1 = 5 divide 5 = 1 1 divide by 8 =1 over 8 Ans: 1 over 8

What is eight over nine minus three over four?

Five (5) over Thirty six (36). Or, roughly .13888888889.

Is five over nine bigger than eight over fifteen is bigger?

5/9 is greater than 8/15

What is 2 over fifteen minus 1 over 5?


What is fourteen over fifteen minus four over twelve?


What are the fractions six and one over two minus 1 and five over eight?

39/8 or 47/8

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8/15 - 1/3 = 8/15 - 5/15 = 3/15 = 1/5

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10 − 5/8 = 75/8 or 93/8

What is six over by thirtyfive minus two over fifteen?

6/35 minus 2/15 = 4/105

What is equal to fifteen over eight?


Five three over eight minus two one over four?

53/8 − 21/4 = 13/8

What is seven over sixteen minus five over eight?

-3/16 since the answer is negative (the second number is larger) and the problem is subtraction you minus the second number from the first then make the answer negative and you have the answer

What is fifteen over twenty five as a decimal?


What is 3 over fifteen in simplest form?

one over five

What is the difference of four and five over eight minus three and one over four in simplest form?

It is: 4 and 5/8 minus 3 and 1/4 = 1.375 or as 1 and 3/8

What is three over twenty five minus two over forty five?