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It is: 50% 0f 18 = 9 pounds

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Q: What is fifty percent of eighteen pounds?
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Most box sets are about eighteen pounds and battalions and battleforces are about fifty

What is 5 percent of fifty million pounds?

2.5 million pounds...

What the fraction of 18 percent?

eighteen over one hundred, or nine over fifty

What is fifty percent off one hundred and eleven pounds?

55.5 x 2 = 111.0 Answer: fifty-five pounds fifty pence

What is thirty percent of fifty pounds?


What is twenty percent of four pounds fifty?

It is: 20% of 4.50 = 0.90

How do you express eighteen hundredths as a percentage?

Each "hundredth" is one percent. Eighteen hundredths is the same as eighteen percent. Write it as "0.18".

What is one percent of eighteen dollars an eighteen cents?


How much is fifty percent of seven thousand pounds?

50% =1/2 7000/2=3500 pounds

What is the percent of ten and fifty?

Ten is twenty percent of fifty.

What is fourteen percent of fifty?

Fourteen percent of fifty is seven.

How many pounds are in fifty grams?

Fifty grams is about 0.11 pounds.

Write 18050 in words?

Eighteen thousand, fifty

How do you write eighteen and fifty-nine hundredths?


What percent of the homeless population in the US are under eighteen years of age?

33 percent are under the age of eighteen.

What does ''you have a fifty-fifty chance of spinning red'' mean?

The result of the spin will be red one half, or fifty percent, of the time. The other one half, or fifty percent, black will come up. In other words there is a fifty percent chance it will be red and a fifty percent chance that it will not. Hence fifty-fifty. With an actual roulette wheel, you have less than a fifty-fifty chance of spinning red.

How do you write eighty-five million six hundred eighteen thousand fifty-one?

Eighty-five million six hundred eighteen thousand fifty-one is written 85,618,051.

What is 50 percent of 36?

Fifty percent of 36 is 18. This is because 50 percent is the same as half of the number you have fifty percent of.

What is fifty per cent of twenty pounds?

10 pounds. The word "percent" (%) comes from the Latin "per centum", which means "for every hundred". 10 pounds is fifty percent of 20 pounds, because 10 is half of 20, and 50 is half of 100. Percentages make fractions easier to visualise, because they express proportions of 100, or to put that another way, the percentage is the number of hundredths the fraction is equivalent to. For example, which is bigger: three eights (3/8) or one third (1/3)? This is easier to see if we express each fraction as a percentage. 3/8 is 37.5 percent (100*3/8), and 1/3 is 33.3 percent (100*1/3). In other words, 3/8 is 37.5 hundredths, and 1/3 is 33.3 hundredths. From this, we can see easily that 3/8 is more than 1/3. For percentages of 20 pounds, each hundredth is worth 0.2 (20/100) pounds. So fifty percent (fifty hundredths) is worth 0.2 * 50 = 10 pounds. In this case the answer is very easy anyway, because fifty percent of something is always half of it, and half of 20 pounds is 10 pounds.

What is eighteen over fifty in simplest form?


Fifty is what percent of seventy?

Fifty is what percent of seventy?

What is 18429000050000 in word form?

Eighteen trillion, four hundred twenty-nine billion, fifty thousand

How do you use fifty-fifty in a sentence?

It's a fifty-fifty percent chance that I will place in the competition.

How is 18.56 written in word form?

Eighteen and fifty-six hundredths.

How do you write 54.18 in word form?

fifty-four and eighteen hundredths