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50 squared is 50^2

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Q: What is fifty squared in exponent form?
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What is fifty square written in exponent form?

Fifty squared written in exponent form is 502

What is the exponent form of fifty squared and the value?

It is 22*54 = 2500.

What is squared in exponent form?

A squared number has an exponent of 2. So x squared = x2

What is the exponent form of 100?

10 squared. 10^2

What is the exponent of 4 squared?

Squared implies exponent = 2.

What is 14 squared in exponent form?

142 = 196 = 22*72

What is 50 squared in exponent form?

50 squared is 502 502 is 2,500 which can be expressed as 2.50 × 103

How do you write three fourths squared in exponent form?


What is the exponent of 8 squared?

8^2 = 64 The exponent is 2

When the exponent is 2.?

When the base is squared.

How do you put 36 into an exponent?

6 squared

What is the prime factorization of 25 in exponent form?

5^2 I believe the answer is Five Squared (five to the second power)

How do you write three-fourths squared in exponent form?

(3/4)2 = 32/42 = 9/16

How do you write 16 in exponent form?

It is: 4 squared = 16 or 2 to the power of 4 = 16

Am I wrong if I read meter exponent two as meter squared or meter exponent three as meter cubed?

meter exponent two...

How do you write 10x10 as a exponent?

10x10=102 or 10 squared.

What is 14 squared in a exponent notation?

1.96 x 102

What does Squared mean if you are using exponents?

It means that the exponent is 2.

How do you know when a number is squared?

When the exponent on the number is 2, that means that it's squared. i.e. 42= four squared which is equal to sixteen.

What exponent times 20 equals 400?

the exponent is 2, expressed as twenty, squared or 20 X 20.

How do you know the difference from exponents and squared inches?

They're the same thing. The 2 in squared inches is an exponent.

What is 3x3x7 in exponent form?

3x3x7 in exponent form is 32 x 7

What is the word for the exponent 5 like squared is for the exponent 2?

As far as I know, there is no no word that describes the exponent 5, besides the phrase "raised to the fifth power".

What is the answer to fifty squared?

the answer to 50 squared is 2500. because it is 50 multiplied by 50.

What is exponet form?